3. Pop Tags

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The sound of the keys soon disappeared. 

"You're not going to sell to her anymore. I don't care if she comes in here begging on her knees. You're not going to sell to her ever again."

"Bruh, I didn't know." 

"She was hurting man and you were the one feeding her addiction."

"I don't turn down money." 

"You're going to turn her down if she comes to you."

"Now, it's yo' job to keep ha' from coming, because ya know I'm not one to turn down cash." August folded his arms.

"I'm a businessman too, but I'm asking you as a friend. Help me, help her." I sighed. 

"Don't take her away from me."

"How could I take ha' away from you?"

"Don't kill her, because that's what you're doing. Don't take her away from me too." 

"No worries dawg. I haven't seen ha' in forever. I just hope she doesn't try to get it from someone else; now that she knows we're boys." He said.

When I got back in the car, Marissa was looking out the window as if something more interesting was out there. I know she felt my eyes on her. This was her way of swerving my denouncing optics. 

"So the name August never sounded familiar?" I rested my arms across the steering wheel. 

"I never knew his name." She waved her hand without looking at me. I took it in mine and kissed the top of it. She was vigilant.

"It's called tough love." I moved her hand away from my lips. She looked down, sighing. "When's the last time you used?" 

"More than a month." 

"Are you buying from anyone else?" 

"No." Marissa widened her eyes. She was becoming annoyed.

"Don't even..." I watched her. 


"Roll your eyes." I warned. She narrowed hers as an alternative. "Who led you to August? He moved here not too long ago. How did you even know he was selling?" I tilted my head. 

"Someone told me." 

"Who, Ian?" 

"No, not Ian. He's not into that."

"From what you know." I hinted.

"He's not." 

"Who told you about August?" 

"Some girl at school, Zoella or something. I don't know." 

"She just came to you and was like, hey, I know a guy who sells drugs. In case you're wondering." 

"Everyone knew I was going through shit. She said it would help cope." Marissa waited for me to start the car.

"Do you listen to everything people tell you?" 

"Can we stop talking about this? I don't use anymore." She confirmed by the clap of her hands. I pulled my lips into my mouth and looked at the garage ahead. 

"Alright." I leaned in and stuck the key in the ignition. "Let's go shopping." I took another look at her. She was shaking her head. I switched the gear into drive and leaned back. "Shopping." I popped my lips and backed out the driveway. 

When we got to the shop of Marissa's choice, I sat back and let her walk around. 

"It's like a tundra in here." My body is accustom to the Nevada sun. I'm like a reptile; I live for the heat. 

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