Chapter 10

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Kid shoved me into the wall.

"I don't plan on going easy, you get to feel the full pleasure of sex with a demon."

He kissed me, it was rough and sexy, but full of pleasure. He made me transform as well. He let out a demonic growl that was oh so sexy as fuck, I moaned at the sound of it. He grabbed my horn with his left hand, his right going to my shirt covered breast. A demons horns and tail are very sensitive and I almost screamed in pleasure.

"Ah!! Kid~"

He removed his hand from my horn and took off my shirt, he watched every single emotion of pleasure pour from my face. That is till he buried his face in my chest biting at my nipple and toying with the other. Being in demon form made me more susceptible to the pleasure he was giving me. He dragged his free hand into my pants toying with my clit before plunging two fingers deep inside me.

"Hah Kid~ more~ I want more~"

He growled in his demonic growl, my body instantly caving in to the very sound. My instincts reacting to it, making me crave him more. He fingered me faster, going a little deeper.

"Please~ I want you!"

"Why do you want me?" He growled.


"Tell me, I need to hear it."

"Because I love you...."


He ripped mine and his remaining clothes off and finally looked me in the eyes, as he aligned himself at my core. His eyes were a bright violet, matching mine. He kissed me plunging himself deep inside me tears threatened to spill, but I wouldn't let them.


He looked at me and said what I have secretly been wanting to hear.

"Your mine, and tonight I mark you.... Proving you belong to me, no other demon shall ever touch you."

He started to thrust, it was automatic pleasure. He thrusted fast and hard, and gaining speed.

"Ah oh Kid fuck"

He lifted my legs hitting deeper, cracking the wall behind me. He moved me onto the bed, my legs over his shoulders as he thrusted inside of me. I moaned a different kind of moan, his eyes widened as he went rougher, making me cum twice. He rolled me onto my hands and knees, pounding into me from behind, fucking me doggy style. The more that certain moan came out the rougher he went. He pulled my hair back and grabbed my tail.

"H-holy fuck~"

"Shit~" He growled.

I wasn't the only one moaning, Kid was being pretty loud as well.

"Your so tight~ I love it~"

"Oh fuck~ Kid~"

I was screaming in pure bliss, drool dripping from my mouth.

"Im gonna cum again~"

"Oh no your not~"

He flipped us again. I was on top riding his hard cock, he was so deep inside of me. Every once in a while I rolled my hips, driving him wild. With every bounce and role I moaned louder. He sat up kissing me fiercely, saliva drooping down both of our mouths. He had flipped us one last time so he was on top being dominant once again. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pounded into me at demonic speeds, I couldn't really keep up I was numb to everything but the pleasure. I felt the coil tighten again in my abdomen.


"Beg~ tell me how bad you wanna cum all over my cock!! Tell me how bad you want my hot semen inside your tight little pussy!"

"Oh fuck~ Kid please~ I need it~ I need it all~ cum inside me~ fill me up with your cum~ and let me cum~ let my walls tighten around your cock~ oh please~ I want it~"

"Good girl.... now cum all you want~"


I didn't need any other confirmation as my walls tightened around his giant cock in my release. Sending him over the edge with me as he released his hot cum inside me, with the call of my name on his lips. Afterwards we both changed back to normal. The walls cracked, bed broken, and windows shattered.


I hummed.

"That was the best."

"Ive never fucked another demon before. Holy shit, that was great."

"Kid.... I meant it..... I think I've fallen for you."

He was speechless, I don't think he could say it back. I sighed taking out my phone and texting Ace telling him we left early. Then laid my head on Kids chest, listening to his nonexistent heartbeat, ever so slowly falling asleep.

When I woke up we were back home and Kid was gone. He left a letter before he left, it read~

Dear (Y,n),

I have gone back to hell, I'm sorry to just up and leave but this is very important. If I am to continue to be around you I need to figure out my own feelings and restore the strength I have lost over the years. I have gone to see Kaido, the right hand of Doflamingo, my maker..... Only he can restore what I have lost. I cant say you will like what becomes of me when I return. There are things you do not know about me, and things I wish for you to never find out, but nonetheless I will return to you. My feelings for you are strong and I feel they may soon break my true being. I am a demon of hell and I will always be such. Do not worry for me, I will be fine. Time is different in hell though, a few hours for me is a few days for you. I am sorry for however long I will be gone, but just know I am doing this for us I don't want to end up hurting you, and I want to be able to protect you. Ill see you soon.... I swear.....

Yours truly,
Eustass Kid

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