Author's Note

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Hey guys!!!! Before you guys begin to read my book, I have some rules to go over. Please don't skip this.

1. If you want to comment please don't curse or put inappropriate things

2. If you see anyone copying the same story,characters, plot or cover somewhere else, please tell me over a private message

3. Don't copy the book please, I've worked really hard to create different ideas

4. I'm not a professional author yet so please don't hate or complain on how I write, I don't mind if they're any suggestions

5. And please don't advertise here, there's other places for that

That's basically all the rules there is! ;D
I don't usually curse in my books, if you don't like semi clean books then feel free not to read mine. Also, the next chapter you will be seeing will include words and maybe phrases that are going to be used in thiS book that may not be familiar to some people. Feel free to go back to it whenever you get confused or don't hesitate to drop any questions in the comments ;)))) Enjoy, and I hope you like it!!

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