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-Chapter 25

The Start of the Avoidance

Third Person's Point of View:

Lisa sighed heavily at the number of missed calls she had received from Jungkook.

No matter how many times Lisa wanted to hear what Jungkook had to say, there's that one thing from the back of her head.

"He's just going to lie again. Don't listen to him, you're wasting your time." Her subconsciousness demands and she exhaled from her nose exasperatedly.

"Nothing's going to hurt when you're going to try, right?" Another voice entered and she heard a scoff from the earlier.

"Listen Lisa. Are you really that hungry to be fed up with more of his lies?" Her subconsciousness or I should now label as Salty Lisa, spat.

"Honestly, I don't know how to decide on this." She commented towards the two voices inside her.

"Just suggesting, it's your decision anyway." Sweet Lisa shrugged and I named her that to contrast with the salty.

"Or are you tired that you want to vomit the lies you took in?" Salty Lisa ignored the other and Lisa only stared blankly at the wall.

"Don't talk to him until there's something that will prove the actual image wrong." Salty Lisa directs as Lisa nodded unsurely. Sweet Lisa only crossed her arms and gave up.

"It seems like ignoring him might be the better option." Lisa stared out at the window.

"Ignoring who?" Taehyung came into the scene and asked the absent-minded girl. The girl stayed silent as she didn't notice the boy sitting across her.

Lisa only came back to herself once she heard the sound of the spoon tapped against the ceramic. "Oh Taehyung! I didn't expect you here with the orders early." She smiled as she took her meal.

"Mind if I know what you are thinking about?" He smoothly asked the girl currently sipping from her drink.

"It's nothing relevant and I don't want to talk about it." Lisa talked boredly and he took the hint that she really didn't want to so he just simpered.

"What's up with you and Jennie?" She suddenly asked and Taehyung immediately lifted his head to look at her, surprised by such a random question.

"We're just flatmates, that's all." He seemed to avoid the question and Lisa knew this very well as she rubbed her chin while giving him a skeptical look.

"Then why did you ask me to help her regain her memories? You and I know very well that you don't help people in exchange for nothing." Lisa raised her eyebrows as Taehyung was sweating internally because of the question.

He doesn't want anyone to know.

He can't let anyone know.

"She just pressed me and offered to let me borrow her limited edition item. That's all." He lied and she nods.

"Why were you flatmates with her in the first place?" She pressed and he gulped. Suddenly, Lisa's interrogation was interrupted by Taehyung's watch resounding.

"I have to go, see you later." Taehyung fled and Lisa immediately got her things and followed him, speed-walking.

He crossed the road and Taehyung went inside the main building quickly in hopes to avoid the answer - thirsty girl.

Running towards the available elevator, he pressed the button with the arrow facing up.

He firstly pressed the top floor's button. "Come on, close close close close." He chanted as he spammed the button that will close the door.

To his misfortune, the girl he had been avoiding caught up to him and he cursed in his head.

"God Damn, slow elevator doors! I shall demand the technicians to set something that will make these doors close faster!" He spoke like a boss in his head.

"I just hope that there's some slow motion or something that'll help me." He thought as he looked at Lisa pressing her floor's number.

"Think you can avoid me, Kim Taehyung?" Lisa spoke daringly and smirked as she moved forward towards the boy now moving backwards.

"Now, tell me, why were you and Jennie flatmates?" She moved her head upwards as her face was directed to Taehyung's nervous one.

"It's none of your business." He spoke toughly yet his voice sounded weak because of the close proximity and the question and his reply only made Lisa more intrigued.

"Now this is getting interesting." Lisa thought.

"And why is it none of my business when my best friend is involved?" She asked, tilting her head to the left.

"She's your best friend not your daughter, get over it." He said the words nervously and gasped as she only moved closer.

"What is she doing? Anyone that would see us would think that we're making out and that's not what I want to hear in the lobby." He thought nervously as he panicked inside.

And at that perfect moment, the elevator's door opened to reveal a capped man with his parted mouth only seen.

"Lis-" He started but abruptly stopped.

Lisa froze at her spot by the time she heard the familiar voice. Her head flew to the voice's direction only to see a man with eyes and nose unclearly seen.

"Is that him? No, it can't be." She thought as endless thoughts came into her mind.

"Not like I cared anyways." She shrugged her thoughts.

"This is your floor, Lisa. You can get out now." Taehyung spoke, cutting the female protagonist off her endless thoughts.

"Oh, right." She said as she headed out the elevator.

As soon as the elevator's doors closed, Taehyung faced the man who just entered the elevator with a bow. "I'm sorry about that earlier. Please don't misunderstand. What you saw there was not what you think it is." Taehyung apologized and the man said that "there was no need to apologize".

Meanwhile on Lisa's side...

I opened my phone only to see more miss calls from Jungkook.

"Let's see where your determination of sending lies would take you."

But what she didn't know was that Jungkook only thought that she was neglecting him.

-Chapter 25 End

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