chapter one

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Just thought I'd say that the suit spidermans wearing is the one from homecoming before the chapter start plus I dont have a villian name for him so tell me in the comments.

Third person pov:

The villian chuckled. It seemed the avengers were falling for his trick. Following his clues he set up.
A trap.
And thars when the avengers came barging in.
Iron man, captain America, black widow, thor, and halkeye. Some were absent.
They looked up to see a large screen that revealed the villains face. The areas door shut.
The villian chuckled at how the avengers were trying to break the door.
"Its hopeless. He got right were he wants us." Black widow sighed.
Stark mumbled something under his breath before turning to the screen.
"Okay, what are you trying to do here?"

"Oh, nothing much stark I just want to play a little game..." the villian chuckled.
"And what game is that?" Halkeye asked on full alert for any traps.
"A game of chess. "
Stark looked at everyone then back at the screen.
"If we win?"
"You can have me, I wont take over the world. But if I win, you have to bring me someone."
"Okay, do confident that you'll win?" Tony asked.
"Eh, you could say that. I may have some tricks up my sleeve."

Time skip:
"You w-won?" Stark was angry confused, annoyed.
"Tony, you lost." Clint said overly shocked himself.
"No, it cant be- how?!"
"Shhh, stark now you have to bring me someone, or everyone dies."
"Fine, who?" Steve said after looking at stark.
"Hmmm, I want a sartain vignette from queens new York city. His name is spiderman."
"Why?" Natasha asked.
"Hmmm, not important. But go and fetch him for me. The north region rests in your hands." The villian says before letting them go.

When they got back to the tower, stark was upset and confused. How the hell did he beat me?! He yelled in his mind staying up almost all night to think of a plan.
They shouldnt bring thevillian spiderman, but if they dont everyone dies.

Peters pov:
I dashed through the streets or well sidewalks, dodging every person in my way. I was currently being chased by flash and his goons.
"Hey! Puny parker!!" He yelled.
I ran faster but without my powers. I cant let them get me. When I was yen I was kidnapped by hydra. And that was for two reasons one I'm smart enough to make powered suits and stuff, and I'm related to agent Richard parker (my fathers) dad whom knew the super soldier formula. I memorized it and they tried to get it out of me. They tortured me for 4 months before I escaped. When I was taken my aunt may was on a trip for 5 months. I'm fifteen now and never spoke of hydra. But when I was kidnapped I might have checked a map showing the hydra bases.

I also heard there conversations. I knoted all of it down and even drew everything I saw plus the route of how I got out. Hydra doesn't know I have spider powers cuz it started when I was thirteen. Maybe I should show it to someone. No they wont understand. But what if it happens to someone else. That was the last straw. I need to show it to someone but who?

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