8. Every Cloud Has A Zack

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"You treat me like I'm a child even when I'm not little."Brendon finally speaks up about a concern and Dallon could get down on his knees and thank God himself for finally pushing Brendon to the edge to speak. "I don't like it. I'm your boyfriend and I'd like for you to treat me as such, Dallon."

"Look, I'm sorry- "Dallon begins with full intention of giving a monologue, going into advance detail that he is truly sorry of how on edge that he is being because sometimes, he doesn't even realise how much of a hover parent that he seems to be, even when Brendon isn't in his little headspace. It's just been knitted into him and it seems to just intensify when they are out in the open and in so many new and dangerous places.

"Apologies that start with look are not sincere apologies, Dallon."Brendon cuts him off curtly, his eyes casting to look at the older man momentarily before looking back at his mug of coffee, fingers tapping against the ceramic. If it was up to Brendon, he would walk out of this diner and spend the rest of the morning in bed but he truly doesn't want to be on his own, nor does he want to make Dallon mad for sulking off.

"Good morning."A new voice is chiming to their left and Dallon is the only one to turn to greet Ryan as he practically bounces on the tips of his toes a the end of the table, looking far too energetic for the morning and a welcoming smile on his face. The smile on his face seems to drop a little,"What?"

"It's anything but a good morning."

"I can tell,"Ryan gives his band mate a knowing type of look, one full of sympathy and pity because the moment that he had entered the diner and taken one glance at the pair in the booth, it was clear that Dallon was having one of the most difficult of mornings.  

"How is it, no matter how late that we are, you're always later? Can't you be on time for once?"He asks, looking at his watch and frowning at the time displayed. He and Brendon had been at least 20 minutes late.

"Now Dallon, you know that's not how I work."He grins, slipping into the booth beside Dallon, knowing that he would be treading on dangerous territory if he choose to sit beside Brendon. The Brendon that had been sitting between his legs and sleeping on his chest 2 nights ago was far away now."Having a good morning, Bren?"

"Tremendous."Brendon smiles with far too many teeth from across the table, it immediately falling as he goes to take another drink of his coffee- which is more creamer and sugar now than actual coffee.

"Seesh, what'd you do Dal?"Ryan turns to look at his band mate, an elbow resting on the table as he turns to give him a raised eyebrow, lips teasing a smile when he's met with Dallons equally as thunderous scowl, matching that of his boyfriends.

"He's over reacting."Dallon scoffs into his mug of coffee, half drained and already looking for the waitress to flag down for another cup, or two. This morning has already been draining and it hasn't even started yet.

"Dallon doesn't know how to apologise."The hybrid interjects, looking at Ryan as if to tell the blue haired man that it's his problem to deal with, his problem to fix.

"I did apologise!"

"Ryan, would you accept an apology that started with 'look'?"Brendon tilts his head to the side as he asks, an ear twitching in his hair and a picture of utter curiosity on his face as he looks at Ryan carefully.

"Uh, I don't know, Bren. Did this thing he do really hurt you?"

"Yes."Brendon nods his head rather seriously, brow creasing and his kitten tail sliding against the bench beside him.

"Then no, no I wouldn't accept his apology."

"Ryan!"Dallon exclaims, offended that his band mate is taking Brendon's side over his own.

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