8. Every Cloud Has A Zack

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Despite the aftermath, Ryan had been a nice change to their usual little activities and his presence had gave Dallon so many opportunities to sort things out career and personal wise. He had been surprisingly amazing at looking after Brendon, especially with how young the little had fallen and seemed to take everything in his stride, being a weird sort of comfort when Brendon got upset and an awesome pillow when he was tired.

Arriving at the diner, Dallon watches as Brendon storms off to a far off booth, following begrudgingly behind him after taking a quick scope around the diner to make sure that neither Ryan or Zack has arrived before them. The interview had been moved to later in the morning, meaning that breakfast was first.

"Could we get a coffee and a mug of warm milk please?"Dallon is ordering when a waitress comes over to their booth, ordering food when Ryan and Zack arrive, or in Dallon case just ordering more coffee.

"Actually, I'll have a coffee as well, please."Brendon speaks up from the other side of the booth, one hand resting upon the booths table while the other his characteristically held to his chest, bulky pink cast and all. He smiles innocently at the kind looking waitress and he can pinpoint the exact moment where a swell of sympathy washes over her and Brendon could almost preen.


"Two coffees, please and thanks."He powers through, smiling wider, twitching a kitten ear in his messy dark hair. The waitress scurries off and as soon as she is out of earshot, Dallon is casting a look at the hybrid.

"You don't like coffee."Which is true because Brendon has always been keen to announce his dislikes and coffee was very high up on the list of things that Brendon Urie does not like and will never like, I don't care what you say Dallon.

"It's never too late to try things, Dallon. And today, I'm trying coffee. Is that okay with you?"

"Do whatever you want, Brendon."Dallon sighs heavily, swiping a newspaper off of the abandoned table next to their booth and shaking it open so that he can read. If this is how Brendon wants to be then so be it, two can play at this game. The coffees arrive not even a couple of minutes later, along with a jug of cream. Brendon is quick to cupping his mug of coffee in his hands, bringing the black liquid up to the lips for a sip and face immediately scrunching in disgust.

"This is fucking disgusting."

"I told you that you don't like coffee, Brendon."Dallon says behind his newspaper, flicking to the next page and purposely not sparing a glance at his stubborn, annoying boyfriend.

"I don't need you to tell me what I do and don't like, Dallon."Brendon proceeds to bring the mug up to his lips, giving the black liquid a tentative sniff before taking another sip, face scrunching up impressively fast as the bitterness touches his tongue and he recoils from the deathly drink. He has no idea how Dallon can stand this awful, awful beverage, the man must have no taste buds!

"Just because I drink it black, it doesn't mean you have to- here, let's add some cream and sugar, yeah?"Dallon sighs heavily, setting his newspaper down and pulling Brendon's mug closer to him, pouring in plenty of cream and heaping in two big spoonfuls of sugar, knowing Brendon best. Pushing it back to the hybrid he smiles, "Try it now."

The hybrid narrows his eyes at the man, his good hand stretching tentatively for the mug of coffee that Dallon has so lovingly tampered with in order to be to Brendon's pleasing. He swipes the mug and takes a careful sip of the sweeter, creamier liquid, the bitterness nothing but an undertone under all the creamer and sugar. He hums in approval, a smitten sort of smile on his face.

"Better, yeah? Look, Bren, I'm not trying to discourage you with trying new things, it's actually marvellous that you are, but you don't need to be so stubborn about it."

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