Sure Thing, Sweetheart

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I scanned through my messages and emails on my phone, seeing the schedule that my assistant had set up for me. I had a meeting with a new advertising company in 15 minutes and then a hair appointment half an hour after that. I answered a few emails and text messages while I rode the elevator to the top floor of my warehouse where the office space was. I slid my phone into the back pocket of my jeans and walked down the hall towards the meeting room. I was oddly the first one here which was unusual due to the fact that I almost always found myself at least five minutes late to every appointment. I set my leather purse that carried my chapstick, wallet, and laptop on the seat at the head of the table and walked towards the small water dispenser in the corner of the room to grab a drink.

As I filled up the small paper cup, the door opened and a rushed looking man in a smart business suit walked in. I watched him as he sat in the seat next to mine, patting his chest and all of his pockets before realizing his glasses were in fact on the top of his head. I chuckled slightly at his behavior but stopped when his gaze whipped up from his briefcase to connect with mine.

"Thank heavens you're here," he spoke. "Could you be a dear and grab me a coffee with cream? I need something to keep me awake during this meeting," he rushed. I felt a small smile take over my face as he surely wasn't aware of whom he was talking to. I of course wasn't normally pretentious about my position but the fact that he was asking the founder and CEO of the company he was about to pitch to to grab him coffee didn't strike me as usual behavior.

"Sure thing, sweetheart." My voice was relaxed but kind. I turned and left the conference room and went down the hall to the break room saying hi to a few of my employees along the way. By the time I returned with his coffee, the conference room was filled with the other members of my board as well as some of his associates, I assumed.

I smiled at my colleagues as I walked into the room and they all greeted me with a reverent 'afternoon Miss Sickler', the man from before just turning around to greet me. I felt a light zing go through my stomach when I watched his face drop slightly from cockily confident to horribly embarrassed, worsening when he saw the steaming cup of coffee I held in my hand. I set it down in front of him before taking my seat.

"You asked for cream, right?" I watched as he gulped and a blush spread up his neck.

"Uh, yes. I did. I am so sorry, Miss Sickler for assuming-" he tried to apologize.

"That I was an employee?" I interrupted. His eyes flashed up to mine before I continued. "I can assure you that I am an employee of this company just as much as my workers on every floor below us are. Just because I have a different title doesn't mean that I want everyone to treat me differently. Besides, if I can handle running this business I can handle one cup of coffee." I sent him a small wink. His shoulders lowered, having lost some of the tension he held when I handed him his coffee. I turned back to the table and opened a notepad taking out a pen.

"Now, what are you boys trying to sell me?"


"Thank you so much for coming by and giving me that presentation. I will be sure to discuss this with the rest of my board and we will get back to you by the end of the week." I stood shaking everyone's hand as they left. My colleagues were still sat at the table as they were planning to discuss the meeting beforehand for a moment and to run a few reports for me so that we would have all the facts necessary to make a decision when I returned from my hair appointment.

As the last man was leaving, who I had discovered was named Jay during the meeting, I felt my smile grow.

"Once again Miss Sickler I really do apologize for what happened earlier I hope that the instance doesn't affect your decision on our business proposition and-"

"I really am sorry that I keep interrupting you but is it alright if we step in my office for a moment?" He nodded and I led him down the hallway to my office where we both took a seat.

"Now Jay," I started. "I do appreciate your apology. It takes a strong man to sincerely apologize and it is truly refreshing. But," I spoke before he was able to get a word in, shutting his mouth as he realized I wasn't finished. "It really isn't necessary in this situation. You were asking a favor and whether it was me or an intern that filled it isn't important. You asked kindly and you were very polite so why would I be offended? The only thing I would suggest is saying thank you but you were a little bit frazzled so I'll let it slip this time." I smiled before taking my keys out of my desk drawer and standing to show him out.

He stood as I stood, a bit dazed as he held the door open for me. We walked down the hall together, eventually standing in the elevator together and arriving on the main floor together. As we reached the front door I turned to shake his hand and say goodbye but he quickly beat me to the punch.

"Miss Sickler, I-" he hesitated for a moment, his eyes bouncing between my own almost searching for something. "I wanted to say thank you for the coffee." I smiled when he finally finished his sentence.

"You're welcome." I went to drop my hand but he continued holding it, making my heart flutter slightly as he took a small step forward.

"This may be inappropriate considering the meeting we met in but is there any chance you would let me take you out for dinner sometime?" For the first time in a long time I felt my voice get caught in my throat as nervous butterflies filled my stomach.

"If you would rather not I completely understand and we can move on and pretend I never made a fool of myself but I just thought I would ask so that I wouldn't live with a 'what if'." His hand dropped from holding mine as he looked down to his shoes self-consciously.

"I would love to," I smiled.

"But," he urged me on, sensing there was a clause to my agreement.

"But, I don't like to mix business with pleasure. We would need to wait until the deal today closes and then we can discuss our personal lives. Deal?" I held out my hand for him to shake.

"Sure thing, sweetheart." My breath caught as he gently leaned over to kiss the back of my hand before walking towards the visitor parking lot. I had a smile on my face from ear to ear the whole drive to my hair appointment.


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