The New Discovery

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They stood in a group, over looking the gathering people that stared in awe at the board. It showed an island and a map next to it. Andrew spoke. "This, ladies and gentlemen, is our latest discovery. An island off the coast of Norway! We were surprised to find that nobody had found it! Two digs sights for the price of one!" The crowd laughed and Luna looked over at me. "This is bad."
"Why? What island is that?"
"It's our island, Aurora. They've found it. It was probably when we recently got you. New Rogues make our defences weaker for a short bit. I guess they landed at the right time."
"Then what does it have to do with the fact that nobody has found it?"
"We eliminate anyone who gets too close to the Kingdom, hence why people and aircraft go "missing". Humanity has gotten too powerful and vigilant within the last years so we do it as a safety measure. Those who are innocent just get their memories wiped but those who are related to DPA or any other pesky organisation get eliminated."
"Their families?"
"Their memories are wiped or altered to best fit their life." I looked down at the floor, wondering why they wiped their memories. "Think Aurora, she's a Higher Demon. I don't think sympathy is on the top of her list of priorities."

Andrew carried on. "We plan to return to the island within a couple of days once we have established our main dig sites."
I gulped and I felt Luna tense from my side. Mackenzie turned around scowled at me, her green eyes heavy with dark eye makeup. "That was your fault, idiot. We should've been on lookout as always but you decided to possibly put our whole Kingdom in danger. You're not special, Aurora. Get over it."
"It wasn't my decision for your defences to go down, nor was it to be accepted."
"That's because you're a fucking Rogue!" She bared her fangs, her eyes fading into a blood red. "Stop it." Luna growled, making Mackenzie shut her mouth. "Whatever."

Once the meeting was over, the air was filled with the stench of alcohol as we reached the common room. Liqueurs lingered within my sensitive nose, causing me to recoil in disgust more the closer I got to the bar. The cheesy jazz music background hummed in the room. I looked around to see Marcus only a meter away from me. "I must say, young lady. You really caught my eye that in that stunning gown." He started to feel the material of dress. "Luna! What should I do?! AHHH!!!"
"Use your mind powers! It's way easier!"
"Thank you..." I looked down at the floor, casting the "I'm innocent" persona. A tanned finger lifted my chin up and I met his golden eyes. His voice was deep and husky. "Don't keep those beautiful eyes away from me. What's your name?"
"Aurora. Aurora Kalmaya. What's yours?" "I'm gonna kill you anyway so I don't care if you know my name."
"Marcus. How lovely to meet you, Aurora." He brought my hand to his lips and I've never cringed so hard in my head before. "Got him, Aurora. We are going to the top floor. This is now or never."
"Where's Mackenzie?"
"Probably banging our target rather than killing him, let's be honest."

We talked for what seemed like 30 seconds about the most irrelevant of things until I grasped at the chance. I smiled as I stared deep into his eyes, smiling coyly. "The meeting you had was most fascinating, Marcus... Perhaps we can discuss it further?" I raised an eyebrow and traced a line along his muscular biceps, resisting to have the urge to vomit. My eyes flashed a deadly scarlet, encasing him into a trance. "That sounds intriguing indeed." He whispered in my ear and escorted to the lift. Countless women stared in jealously as we went past the bodyguards, chiming into their earpieces. I smiled behind him, my fangs peeking from my lips. "I'm in."

I gazed across the London skyline as we reached the final floor, the lights of the distant towers lighting up my sapphire eyes. "Beautiful, isn't it?" He said from behind me, his breath warm against my ice cold skin. "It is." I said, sending a mind link at the same time. "You in position, Luna?"
"I'm coming up to you right now... This is Luna from Assassination. Target acquired. Commence assassination in 3...2...1."
I heard the lift's door slide open and Luna and her victim walked along. She shot me a look and I smiled with my fangs.

"Say Marcus." He turned around and leaned against the wall. "Yes, Princess?" His caramel eyes pierced mine. "Do you like bad girls?" I grinned, walking up to him. He stared up and down my body, moving his hands across along my curves. Slowly, I summoned my shadows behind him and they slowly slithered up his body like snakes. "Get ready. Get him before he escapes."
"Why do you say that?" He purred in my ears, his tongue licking the rim of my cartilage.

"Because I'm gonna give you hell."

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