Avenger: Chapter 11

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"Jim, their medical capabilities -- it just doesn't make sense."

"Explain." Kirk knew this was more than McCoy's habitual grumbling. This whole meeting, to find what McCoy and Uhura had learned so far, only increased the mystery they all worked under. Spock had taken time away from overseeing the work on the Defiance to report what he had learned from Dr. Robbins' tapes. That was another problem -- Klingons on the Defiance. Kirk admired Janis Meyer's restraint, and remembering that he had no more control over the situation than she did. If it was his ship, he wouldn't be nearly half as tactful as she had been. At least Sarek had hinted at good news from the Council, concerning the Klingons and their sabotage attempt.

"As far as professionalism and supplies, it's a doctor's dream. Sickness and injury seem minimal all over the planet, which is a surprise I'll never get used to. But their records and techniques ... I just don't know. They have methods to treat diseases and injuries they can't possibly encounter at this phase in their cultural and technological journey. They can detect and treat cancer in ways we've only theorized. And why do they have perfect methods for mass-spectrum immunization against extra-planetary disease, when they never leave the planet? They say they didn't use nuclear energy here, but they have treatments for radiation burns and diseases caused by it."

"The question, Doctor, is where, from whom, or how did they obtain this knowledge?" Sarek said. "They have a space-going fleet comparable to our own. Why, when they do not use it, other than to patrol their solar system and keep intruders away from Fal'a'mort? There are several dangerous, toxic stages of industrial development they seem to have by-passed." He looked to Spock. "What do the journals say on this?"

"Only that they have the means and power to protect themselves and prefer isolation. Most entries deal with cultural ceremony, day-to-day living, and the growing friendship between the two families," Spock said.

"They are forbidden to tell us," Uhura said in the silence, "but they are certainly trying to show us. When we understand, we can help them, and they do want our help. M'kar is teaching me all the historical ballads, the places and battles and journeys important to their history. I'm confused!"

"Since they insist you learn the ballads, perhaps you should study the actual places the events took place," Spock offered.

"Brilliant!" Kirk began to pace as he thought aloud. "Our job, then, is to hear what they don't say. McCoy, study more medical records. The development of the knowledge they shouldn't need. Uhura, check the ballads against the maps. Ambassador, could you persuade Soton to lend us some maps?"

"I believe so, Captain."

"Good. Spock --"

"I shall return to the Defiance and continue studying the Robbins journals."

"Don't forget the festival we're to attend tomorrow. A change of setting might help your work," Amanda offered.

"Thank you, Mother. It might." Spock made his farewells and left.

"What about the Klingons on the Defiance?" McCoy asked.

"I have that answer," Sarek said. "The Council is aghast at the Klingons' insult against hospitality. They release us from the need to accommodate the Klingons."

"Does that mean they're off the Defiance?"

"Yes. And Speaker Kayhan intimated that one more faulty step would restrict Klingon liberties greatly. I, for one, do not wish to see that one faulty step. It is sure to be deadly to someone," Sarek added.

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