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Dear readers. This is just to tell you what I'm planning with the demigod helper of all series. Yes I do plan on doing a book 2. In fact I'm planning on doing alot of books that follow up on this series.

Such as book 2 will be where Percy crossover to Avatar the last Airbender. How will be explained in the book. Also Percy may or may net get more girls on team Percy. Though I do plan on Azula joining Percy on his adventures near the end of the book.

Book 3 will be Aragon crossover. No more thoughts have been given on that one seeing as it's still a while before it'll release.

I do plan finishing all my books and haven't abandoned them.

Please comment crossovers which you think would be a great addition to this series. Also the possible lovers to him. I don't want to make it too much.

Before I forget, Hermione will be going with him on all his adventures as will any other girl he picks up.

Pets would be great as well. Yes he will be getting a dragon on book 3, the others won't. Thanks for reading.

Go see my other stories for what might or might not happen to them.

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