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I got to the woods and saw yellow tape being placed all over by the police

I worked my way through the crowd and saw my mom being interviewed by a journalist

"Mom" I called and she turned

"Holland, excuse me please " she told the journalist

"I heard you left the hospital, what happened " she continued while touching my face

"Mom please stay out of this" I begged

"Stay away from what" she asked

"Stay away from anything that has to do with this well or missing teenagers, mom just listen to me please " I held her hand

"Am sorry Holland but am afraid I can't do that, I just can't,  people have been devastated over their missing kids,I just have to help " she disagreed

"Am pretty sure they are dead by now, even if you find them are you gonna give their halves to their parents" I blurted, am feeling sad saying this but I gotta prove a point to her.

"Holland leave now please I have work to do, go get ready for school tomorrow" she said

"Yes pack them up" she said while walking away

I turned and tried to walk away but then I froze and every became dark, everyone froze too.

"What's going on" I asked myself

"Vision" the voice replied

I couldn't move, I was stagnant, I saw a wolf coming out of the woods

I got up and changed into a naked man with red eyes

"Leviathan" I whispered

"Yes" the voice replied

Leviathan walked up to my mom, I tried to move but it's like my feet was stuck to the floor

"Stay Holland, anymore movement and he will notice you" the voice warned and I kept chill.

"Hmnhmn, trying to spoil my plans 😂😂😂 am pretty sure your little princess won't mind if I took good care of you" he chuckled and left and everywhere became bright and I saw my mom walking away to help.

Trish 's pov

I got into leventus house and every where was just so quiet

I walked silently and I could even hear the sound of my heels hurting the floor

I heard swift movements and I turned "hello" I called while checking the house but no sound

I turned and met leventus red and blue eyes glaring at me

"You scared me brother" I said and chuckled

"Trish,Trish, Trish my lovely betrayer" he said

"Oh if that was a compliment then thanks, why did you bring me back" I asked almost immediately

"I need you for a job only a mass murderer like you could do but haven't done,why haven't you killed her" he said

"Oh brother great work takes time" I replied picking my nails

"But i need the body of Holland Kingston to make me live longer" he said

"I will get the body but promise me one thing" I asked him

"And what is that" he replied arching a brow

"Her heart" I smirked

Hey my lovelies thanks for reading this part and I love you all so much
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