Chapter 2. Sudden Move

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Reader's POV

Today is exactly six months after I became a trainee. I'm in the practice room with my dance teacher.

"Y/N! PD wants to talk to you!" a female voice says. That Seoyeon, she takes care of me the most at JYPE.

"Alright, what time?" I ask her.

"Like, now,"

"That's sudden, is he mad or something?" I question. She just responds with a shrug.

Did I do something wrong? I don't recall anything like that. Hopefully, he just needs to talk to me about debuting. I guess it's too early though since I've only been a trainee for half a year.

"Alright, thanks for the lesson, 선생님," I formally thank my teacher and start heading to the JYP building. I probably should run there, since it seemed like he wanted to talk to me as soon as possible. Us trainees, we spend most of our day at the special training center. It's only about 5 minutes away from the JYP building, so I shouldn't have to make PD wait that long.


*Knock Knock*

"Come in!" I say as I clear my desk to tidy up the place.

"Sir?" I hear a familiar voice as the door opens.

"Oh Y/N! That was fast. I didn't expect you to be here this early. Please, sit down," I offer Y/N a seat as the topic we will be discussing is serious. "I'll get straight to the point. I want you to debut. But it has only been half a year since you became a trainee, so I think it's too early," I tell him. Y/N nods. "I'd like you to debut in at most 6 months. What do you say?" I questioned him.

"That sounds great sir. One question though, as of now, what am I lacking?" he asks. It's a good question, really. His singing, dancing, and rapping are superb. On top of that, he has one of if not the best visuals in current JYP. But he's lacking one thing.

"Experience," I tell him. "And for you to get experience faster, I want you to live in the dorm with an already formed group," I can see his eyes widening.

"Which one, sir? To my knowledge, some members of GOT7 moved out, and Stray Kids are on hiatus for the moment. The only one left is a girl group," Again, he asks a very good question.

"That's right. I want you to live in Twice's dorm. That way, you'll get experience and you'll be able to help them. Because you know, Twice is very busy these days." I can see the surprise in his eyes as I say that.

"I feel as Onces will bash on me for that, will it be okay?" he questions.

"Leave that to me, it'll be fine," I reply.

"Okay, when should I move into the dorm?" he queries.


'Oh okay. Wait. Like, today today?"

"Mhm, better get packing," I tell him. He immediately greets me and heads out of my office.


Phew, I finally finished packing. I don't have much stuff, only around 2 boxes. I call Twice's manager to pick me up.

*Ring Ring Ring*

"Hello? Oh hi, Noona. I'll be outside in a second," I tell the manager and carry the boxes to her car.


[A/N] Hi! Sorry for the late update. I know I said I'll have Twice in this chapter, but I kinda had to update something so bear with me. I will try to update this before Wednesday. Thanks for reading!

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