Chapter 11

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(Keith pov)

"Fuck" I stumble into the main room. I had no strength left. Bill pushed me to the floor. 

"Well, it's nice to meet you~" A girl comes from the side room. Lance's dad walks towards me. The girl follows behind. "I'm Rose!" She picks me up by the hair "Allura's best friend. Remember me keef?" Lance's dad pushes her. They stand next to each other.

"Rose, your jobs to clean up our guest and tomorrow, leave no evidence of his death. We don't want to be under arrest now, do we?" Lance's dad pushes my head to the floor as Rose steps on my head. 

"Leave me the fuck alone!" I feel a flinch of pain run through my body. She steps off my head. 

"Boys, come with me. He has a lesson to learn" 

"Don't kill him Rose" Lance's dad pushes me along the house. She follows, the bodyguards too. I struggle to walk as my legs were in pain and I was stabbed. I don't know how I'm alive still. 

"Ok, in here" Rose kicks me into a small room. She ties me up to the chair and leaves food just out of my reach. 

"Bitch" she moves the food

"Yeah, yeah" she shoves a gag into my mouth. I try to spit it out. 

"Mmmf-" I wanted to talk but before I could finish yelling at her she punched me across the face 

"Lance and Allura will be here in a few. They'll ask you a few questions and then prepare you for tomorrow. Don't forget, Lance's dad is a mafia King. He knows how to find you~" she pulls me by my bangs so we're eye to eye. I feel the blood run down my face 

"Rose, They're outside" Bill opened the door to reveal Lance. 

"HmmmF" I try to speak forgetting I was gaged. 

"Rose, leave" Lance walks in. He was wearing a blue hoodie and some ripped jeans with pink, purple, and blue socks "Close the doors on the way out" Rose nods and closes the door so it's just me and Lance. "Ok mullet. No one can hear us. It's just you and me" He was holding a box. 

"Hmmmf" I stink eye him 

"I know, your mad at me.. And I'm sorry" he pulls out my gag. He puts the box away.

"Thanks for taking me out places Lance.. That was really nice. And I forgive you freckles" I can't smile the pain was to strong 

"Keith, Allura and I had a talk. She feels bad" 


"I told her your back story. She's sorry and she wants to help me free you" Lance raps his arms around me. His warmth was nice. "We're gonna bring you to a hospital and help you as soon as possible" he lets go of me and walks behind me and untied the ropes. The he cleans my wounds.

"Thanks Lance. I knew you'd come back to me" I pull him into a hug. He hesitates to hug me back but he did. We hear someone knock on the door 

"On the count of three we-" I cut him off by holding a axe "THE HELL KEITH?! WHEN DID YOU GET THAT!?" 

"Right there" I point to the wall. A code pad was on the wall so I put in the numbers 2xxx. "Oh, here" I hand him my pocket knife 

"I won't question you" 

"Ok, count of three we what?" 

"Burst through the the door and attack the guards sound good?"

"Sure" I stand by the door using all my strength that's left 

"One, two" he starts counting. I pull out a gun from the little spot in the wall

"Three" I finished. He kicked open the door. He tackled the guards as I gagged Rose. Lance stole her bag and looked inside. 

"More gags!" He takes out 2 and shoves them into the guards mouths so there screams wouldn't alarm the others 

"Let's make this slow shall we~"  we push them into the room we were just in. I tie rose up to the chair as Lance knocked out the guards. 

"Weak bastards" Lance cracks his knuckles trying to show off.

"Like you" I play around with him. 


"Ok Rose. Shall I make this slow~" I point the gun to her head. Her tears fall onto the ground. Lance places his hand on my face and moves it to face his 

"We will not kill anyone Keith. We don't wanna be arrested too" 

"Oh, yeah" 

"Let's get moving" he picks me knowing I had no strength left in me. He cradle me in his arms

"Looks like the tides have turned Lance" 

"Yeah, yeah" he darts out the door with the gun and knife leaving the axe outside the door. He ran down halls in till he got the to the main room were Allura had waited with Matt and Lotor

(Lance POV) 

"Alright Lance squad, Move out!" I dart for the door. Allura looked upset like something had happened, she looked guilty

"Lance?" Keith's sadden eyes looked into my soul

"What keith?" I kicked open the door. The others had boxes of photos and knives 

"What going on with you and Allura?" 

"We broke up. She didn't date me for love. She was also forced to date me."

"Oh" I feel Keith cuddle into my arms more. I head for the limo.

"You'll be in good hands soon Mullet" I open the back doors as Allura and the others start puting the boxes in the trunk "we'll be safe soon" I pull him closer "Coran the police and fast" Allura sat next to me and smiled. Lotor and Matt sat in front of us. Keith was on the other side of me.

"Are we still friends Lance?" Allura grips my hand as a friendly gesture. Her voice didn't sound annoying and she was upset. She didn't sound like the act she put up to stay poplar before. She sounded free and at peace 

"Yep. But, I wanna know what's going on with you and Matt" I elbow her "I saw those looks~" she blushed and smiled. Matt turned around 

"What looks Mr.!" Matt slaps me 

"Matt!" Allura lightly slaps him. 

"Ewwww" Lotor rolls his eyes and chuckles a little. We all laugh. Keith was finally free.

"Lance~" Keith rests his head on my shoulder. He fell asleep. 

"Our sleeping angel~" Matt jokes 

"You mean, 'his' sleeping angel!" Allura hive fives Matt. He presses a button so he's facing us. It starting raining. 

"Look at the moon" I point out as I broke the shipping shit going on 

"Awww" Lotor presses a bottom so he also faces us. 

"What a nice moon" Matt points to the window. Him and the others giggle. Keith tighten his grip on my hand. 

"Shut up guys, Keith's sleeping" I join in on the laughing. Coran smiles he pulls over at the nreatest police station. 

"Alright Kids stay here. All I need is the police to come out and talk to each of you."  Coran opens the exits the car


End of chapter 

Word count: 1300 

Ok so yeah.. Next chapter might be longer or shorter. Also Lance and Keith might be happy now but we'll see! :WARNING: this book might have about 30-40 chapters. All of them are different problems that'll happen and not all of them are ok. END OF WARNING. I want to have opinions on weather Keith should become a yandere like character (he won't kill anyone. He'll just go a bit over broad in battle and/or if someone wants to talk to Lance) He won't be a stalker like Yuno. Also Allura is also Bi. So if you want to date Allura in this. Just say an OC name and how they act. I won't be able to guess what they would really act but I'll try to get them to act almost like the character! Thx for reading! <3

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