he thinks of you

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'Damn' I thought as I paced around the room. "She was strong and when she got me is was kinda......hot" I said aloud "who the fuck are you calling hot it better be me jay" said my pillow (name!?!? ) I growl 'the world doesn't revolve around you! God! " I yelled "I KNOW YOU JUST DIDN'T TELL AT ME MR!I am the one having for baby~" growing more angry at her " OK I DON'T CARE! I'M LEAVING! " I said slamming the door and walked down the street thinking about y/n.
Laying in my bed on my back I look at the wall thinking about y/n. She was smart and hot- no more like...SEXY. I wonder if she can be my ass in a fight or shit like that. I smirk at the thought. Will I see her soon? I hope so she is so damn sexy and I know I just met her but I feel I she could change me.
'wow...' I thought y/n actually listened to me and what this he'll of a life had to throw at me..I learned that she is going threw kinda the same thing as me. She was cute as he'll and her voice was like a calming stream. I smiled as I look at her phone number in my hand.
"Y/n....." I mumbled wow. Y/n was a good dancer and her friend is fucking crazy. Y/b's voice was like angels singing in my ears and Maurice kept trying to get me honey like he always does but I stoped him I wanted to have y/n as a friend other than jessy and missy. I looked at my phone to see y/n didn't eat back. I sighed...when...

Soooooo you like?

Maurice: Andrewwwww you got to!

Andrew: no! I really like y/n I don't wanna lose her like missy!

Maurice: you'll do that soon! Trust me!

Nick: *in dark Conner sipping Apple juice* whats going on here...

Andrew and Maurice: NOTHING NICK!


ME: *feels offended* NOT EVERY ONE IS TALL MAURICE!* Running to room and slams door.*

Everyone but Maurice:*glared at Maurice*

Connie: fucking great Maurice

*EVERYONE leaves *

Maurice: *FALLS on face* 😄

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