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You hope on the boat that will take you out onto the carrier which will become your new home will you attend school their, at first it seemed that it was as good as it was going to be until you found out some of the bullies from your school will also be attending the same school as you. Ooarai girls academy, well it was all girls until a while ago, they weren't getting enough students to be able to stay up and about so they took a select few from the boys from a nearby town and based it off their academic standards. 200 male students rushed into the role and only 5 were chosen to be given special permission from the school board to be able to attend the school. You were there number one choice wich made all the boys in your old school hate you and of course the school bully somehow got in with his friends. You this was going to be hell on earth but you just roll with it.


You arrive at the carrier and notice that 3 girls were standing near a large metal object with a tarp over it. When the boat stop you grab your backpack and duffel bag and hope off. You are greeted by the 3 girls. One is short with Brownish hair in 2 ponytails on either side, the other seems more serious, she was wearing a eye glass and had short hair that went to about her shoulders. The last girl had light brown hair in a ponytail and seemed like she was usually the cherry type.

"Welcome to Ooarai Girls Academy" said the short girl with pigtails.

Pigtail girl: You 5 must be the new male students am i right?

You were pushed to the side as you fell over you saw someone familiar was behind it.

??? "Why yes, you can help me by giving me your number sweetie."

Y/n "can it butch she's clearly not interested, ( You begin standing up ) if i had to guess their the student council so i would watch what you say to them."

Butch and his two friends max and frederick looked at you with a look that said you better keep your mouth shut.

??? "He's right you know"

The three of them turn around and look at who said that and it was the girl who was wearing the eye glass

??? "And you best watch what you say because she is after all the student council president, and can smell a douchebag from a mile away." Said the girl with the eye glass.

"The name is Anzu and i am the president of the student council, the girl with the eye glass is Momo and the girl with the ponytail is Yuzu."

You walk over to join up with Butch and his group

Y/n "Hello my name is Y/n L/n but just call me Y/n."

Momo " Well someone with manners, i like you already. Please follow us and we'll take you to your rooms and will give you a chance to unpack your things, after that meet us outside of your rooms and we'll give you a tour of the area and where you'll be attending school."

After you finished unpacking your bag you got a text from your friend saying he was on his way to the school and would be there by pretty late at night and would see him tomorrow morning. You told Anzu and she said not to worry about it she'll show him around tomorrow while we were attending classes.

Anzu "Oh hey Y/n after we take you back to your dorms there's something i want to talk to you about, would it be ok if you follow us after the tour."

Y/n "Sure no problem at all."

Butch "Huh... What the hell do you want to do with the waste of precise oxygen, he's a loner babe, you'd best be off with someone like me."

Momo "Sorry no can do, ever since you got here you've been nothing but a douchebag but so much to the point where i don't even consider you a douchebag, no i believe an asshole fits more appropriately. "

Butch shut up after that mumbling something under his breath before being quiet the rest of the tour.


You were in what you presumed to be the student council room before Anzu spoke up.

Anzu " So Y/n we now about your family's history and your reputation, Were quite impressed with it actually."

Y/n "My family's history?"

Momo "We know that your family goes back a long time and your father's side has a massive military history and that your grandfather served during the assault on normandy beach on what most people know as D-day."

Y/n "Ok but what does this have to do with me?"

Yuzu " You come from an extensive military family and we would want you to meet someone similar to you who we think you would make great friends with, after all she is your neighbor."

As she said that there was a knock on the door.

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