Nail polish

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~Evan's POV~

Me and Connor had just spent the day together, baking cookies, having a heated make out session, going to the orchid and watching movies. We were now sitting and watching the end of Wall-E, my favorite movie. Connor had his arm around me and I was looking at his nail polish when I had an idea,

"Hey Connor?" I said
"Yeah Ev?" He asked looking at me, I looked back at him before saying
"Do you think you could paint my nails?" I asked
"Yeah of course, but they'd have to be black because that's the only colour I have" he said
"That's fine" He got up,
(A/N there in Connors room, he has a TV)
"Come over here Ev, so I don't spill the nail polish" I went over to the desk he was at and put my hands down.

"Why do you paint your nails?" I asked while he started on my right hand
"Well at first I thought It'd be fun and hide my dirty nails, but it ended up being something that makes me feel good, you know?" I shook my head,
"OK here let me explain, I'm not a morning person so I'm not the best at brushing my teeth, Or keeping my hair clean or doing homework. Keeping my nails looking alright is the one thing I plan and I'm OK at"
"I think I understand" I said.

Once he finished I realised I actually really enjoyed having my nails painted.
"It really pops out from all the light colours your wearing" Connor said
"Haha, yeah I noticed. I like it though it's like your leaving your mark" I said, Connors was behind me and slithered his arms around my waist,
"Are my hickeys not dark enough?" he whispered, I felt my self blush yet shiver at the same time.
I turn around and started kissing him, he kisses back passionately.

And well let's just say, he left lots of marks.

~The Next Day~

I put on my usual clothes and looked in the mirror to do my hair,
"HOLY FERN" I gasped, my neck was covered in dark hickeys.
"oh no, "
Should I ask Mum for make up?
No thats to embarrassing
I'll wear a hoodie than!
It's so hot though
Bad luck.

I took out a dark blue hoodie from my draw and played around with it so it would hide my hickeys,
I'm praying to all the gods my hoodies stays like that, please don't move.

I walked down stairs to see my mum making pancakes, she'd recently has a break from work so she in a great mood.She looked up and smirked
"I see Connor's left his mark" she said
She can see the hickeys!
"I-I can e-explain" I said she went back to cooking while saying
"No need, just next time I've got some light blue nail polish, use that instead"
She was talking about the nail polish, THANK TREES!

To be honest I'd forgotten about the nail polish until now,
"Hurry up and eat other wise you'll be late," she said
"Ok" I said, still calming down.

~School starts~

I walked the hallway trying to avoid any eye contact at all. I saw a few people staring, I just hoped it was at the nail polish.

I Finally reached my locker to grabbing some books,
"YO, TREE BOI" I heard someone yell
"Hi Jared," I said turning around
"I found this new bath bomb AND-WHAT IS THAT! " he yelled
"What is what? " please be the nail polish, please, please.
"What has Connor done to you!" he grabbed my hand and lifted it up
"Black is not your Colour" he mumbled, I sighed.

"This better not be the beginning of a new Goth Evan" Jared said
"W-What!? No! " I replied
"Oh look whos here," I turned to see were Jared was looking, Connor.
"HEY HOT TOPIC!" Jared yelled, Connor looked annoyed until he saw Evan. He then smirked and came over.

"Jared, Evan~" he said addressing both of them
"What did you do to my innocent tree boy?" asked Jared
"Are we talking about the nail polish or Hickeys?" He said
"Connor!" I blushed,
"HICKEYS?!" Jared yelled, we got a few weird glances, one short guy with a red streak in his hair smirked. I blushed and looked back at Jared.

"Why else would he be wearing a hoodie in the middle of summer?" asked Connor,
"You wear the same black hoodie everyday basically" I said
"LET ME SEE" yelled the insanely protective Jared Kleinman. I un-zipped my hoodie showing off my neck.
"Wow, I did good" Connor smirked
"Oh shut up" I said
"You know you liked it~" teased Connor making me blush even more.

"What did you do to him!!" Jared asked
"Since when were you protective?" I asked Jared glared at me
"Well, maybe the fact that you've lost your Virginity before me" Jared mumbled
"Your still a virgin?!" Connor burst out laughing I laughed a little to.

Jared ignored that and looked at my neck again, he than lightly pressed on one of them.
"Ow!" I winced
"So that's why you were walking funny today" Jared said making me blush even harder.
(A/N is that even possible?!)

The bell rang and I pulled up my hoodie "I'll see you guys"
"SEE YA MEMES" Jared yelled as he walked away, I turned to Connor and he smirked
"Meet me at lunch here," he whispered in my ear, he than brushed his lips against mine and left.

Well, Today's going to be fun.

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