But my head was actually better the next day I reached school.

"So, there is like nothing between Caden and you?" Alex asked while stopping in the parking lot.

I looked at him and shook my head.


It was actually the truth. Kind of. But I wasn't going to tell him the part where Caden came inside my house. Alex had dropped by my house extra early and made me say out everything that had been happening between Caden and me.

Alex sighed with relief and got out.

"There better be not. You know how much I hate his guts." He said before closing the door behind him.

I didn't know why he hated Caden so much. Maybe because he stole his girlfriend or something?

The only thing that freaked me out was the stares I got. But they weren't that much. Only in the hallways, people stared at me as if I had grown three heads. But they eventually turned around and started to mind their own businesses.

I opened my locker and placed the books inside.

East gang.

I knew how I shouldn't be thinking about that. But I seriously couldn't help it. Even though Caden thought it was better for me not to know, I think I deserved to know. Because after all, that letter was sent to me. What guarantee did I have that they won't send it back?

I entered the Calculus class and sat down on my usual spot, against the wall. Not at the back and not at the front either. That way you could go unnoticed by the teacher.

The whole class was busy talking until I came in. The group of girls at the corner stared at me for a while before continuing their morning gossips.

I sat down and placed my head in my hands.

I was seriously getting fed up of those stares.

I saw Hanna come inside from the corner of my eyes. Surprisingly, she sat down beside me. She actually never did that. She used to sit in the front, all alone. I think she sat with me because we were on friendship terms.

"Hey." She gave a small smile.

"Hi." I smiled back.

At least someone was acting normal.

"Is everything alright? I mean, you didn't come to school yesterday."

Hanna was actually pretty. With those black hair and eyes. She would've been with the popular girls if she wouldn't have been a nerd. Which in my opinion, was totally pathetic. I don't even know why people liked making groups of nerds and popular girls.

"I was dreading the stares." I replied with a sigh.

She seemed to understand as she didn't ask anything more. Soon our Calculus teacher came in and started writing questions on the board. We all busied ourselves with it.

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