Dear Diary.

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Dear Diary, 11/11/2043

It's been 5 years since the androids were freed. Since then me and Hank have been thriving, in our own special way.
Of course the original RK800 was designed to be a normal, human, looking detective. But I didn't want to be a copy of a copy. Unoriginal. So I asked Kamski to do me a favour. He had been happy to help and he wasn't judging me for what I wanted or my reasoning behind it.

Like I said, he was happy to help.

When I told Hank, he gave me the most erotic smirk possible. To this day it still makes me feel, attracted to him, to say the least of it that is. It makes me, want him. It's difficult for me to explain.

Like I said, this all happened 5 years ago.

So, this story dates back to the day of our freedom, 11/11/2038.

So I'll see you then...


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By the way dates are written Day/Month/Year.

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