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Note: A GxG imagine


"...Twinkle twinkle Little star, How I wonder wh-" I sang as I stand in front of the room but before I finished the door opened and our supervisor came.


I looked up to the door and realized what I just did.

"What are you doing? Sit down" He said as I went to my chair.

A few minutes ago...

I entered the room annoyed that I got detention just because I got late in class.
As I entered a brunette spoke up,

"Hey, you're late. You need to sing in front" she said and I looked at her with disbelief looking at her if she's telling the truth but I can't make up for it if she's lying. So, I look at the clock, "It's only been 5 minutes" I reasoned.

"But still. Even her..." she trailed off as she pointed out to the other student writing on a piece of paper "...she sang even though she was late for a minute and it's part of the rules when you came late" she continued

So, I looked at the girl she pointed at and she just stared back and nodded, "Is it really necessary?" I asked not wanting to do any of this at all.

"Yep, your choice. Though I need to tell it to our Supervisor later" she replied nonchalantly

So, I stand in front and started singing until I got interrupted by our supervisor. When I look back at her, I just saw her holding back her laugh. So, I just glared at her while I sit in front of her.

"You're so gullible. You seriously believe that?" she said as she mimic my singing and still trying not to laugh

"Shut up, it's your faul-" I said but got cut off by our supervisor as I opened my bag

"Miss Y/N can you please stop talking" the supervisor spoke up, I heard her trying to contain her laugh again behind me that made me feel more annoyed.

"and you too Miss Kendall, quit laughing. Aren't you supposed to be writing your detention letter? Do you want me to add two more?" the supervisor said in authority

"Yes, sorry sir" she said, as she lowered her head and continued writing.

time skip.

I was busy writing when I heard her humming 'Twinkle Little Star'

I put down my pen and look back at her annoyed "Are you serious now?"

"Hm? what?" she looked up at me as if she isn't doing anything wrong

"Your humming the song I just sang, could you stop the teasing" I said getting more annoyed

"I'm not teasing you, it's one of my favorite song and okay I'll stop" she replied as she went back to her paper

I rolled my eyes and went straight to writing. Minutes after she started humming again.

This time I got more annoyed so, I quickly finished the written work and packed my things, but before I can exit she spoke up again, "Where are you going?"

I looked back at her, "Home" and continued walking towards the door

"You can't go if you are not finished yet I'll tell the supervisor" she said but I just continued walking and shouted back "I'm finished."

time skip again.

At last it's time to get home. I packed my bag and went straight to the exit. Walking alone is sometimes really good, but looks like I'm wrong.


When Y/N entered the room I was blown away by how beautiful she was. Whenever I am crushing I tend to be mean or childish. Ugh, she might get the wrong idea of me. She's just so adorable seeing her all glary on me.

I have seen her before actually, We just live next door, like her apartment building is next to mine.

Anyways, as soon as the bell rang as fast as I can I dump everything in my bag and went straight to the exit to catch up with her.

Luckily we walk at the same path though she's a bit farther so, I skipped/hopped towards her like a child while I hold into the straps of my backpack

"Hey" I said smiling cheekily

She just rolled her eyes at me, "Why are you following me?" she questioned

"Nope, this is also my way to home" I said as I leveled myself with her

"Why? where do you live?"

"Just the next apartment building next to yours." I said

"How do you know that's where I live?" she asked

"I've seen you a lot when you are going to school, that's why. How come you can't recognize me?" I asked

"Do you know me?" she asked as she stopped to face me

"Of course" I replied and did the same thing "There are not a lot of people who is miserable as you" I joked

"Hey!" she said as she began walking

"Wait do you wash your face? It's seems oily" I continued more, teasing her

"Stop that" she said as I can see she's getting more annoyed

"How come you get late if you don't even wash your face?" I pointed out trying to contain myself from laughing but then she punched me in the stomach that made me fall back

I mean it's not that hard so I pretended to be hurt, "Ow" as I crumbled and keep on hissing until she spoke up "Did I punch you that hard?" as she tried to help me "The more I love, The more it hurts..." as I tried to stand up

"What?" she asked confused as she help me

"I, I, I... It's Lany's song" I said as I ran backward still facing her with a smile

"Hey, Kendall I'm going too punch you harder" she replied to me smiling as she followed

"Why are you following me?" I joked

"What are you talking about?" she asked smiling

"Come quickly" I said as looked back

"Then you should go ahead" she sassed

"Okay, bye" as a I walked faster


"Come quickly" I said walking and heard her running to my side, I just gave her a smile that she returned back


"Even though you're all mean and childish, I still had fun with you from the detention to getting home." I thought to myself as we walked home smiling happily because I made a new friend


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