58. The Kiss

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Sarah found her seat in the colored section of the bleachers, right behind the box seats. She settled herself down beside three elderly gents in club collared shirts, suspendered trousers, and newsboy-style caps over their gray-haired heads. She glanced over at the empty spot on her left and let out a quiet sigh. She really was disappointed Uncle Albert had refused to join her. But at least the ticket wouldn't go to waste.

Sarah turned her sights to the field. She was looking for Henry when a body dropped down into the spot beside her. She nearly jumped out of her seat.

"Well, hello there Miss Sarah!" Edward said, flashing his gold-tooth grin.

Sarah's eyes stretched wide. "Edward? What are you doing here?" She kept her voice low. No reason to cause a scene.

"Well. I couldn't miss the Pioneers' home opener," Edward said. "I was looking for a good seat, and I happened to see you here. Imagine that."

"Yes," Sarah said, a nervous quiver in her voice. "Imagine that."

Edward fixed a gaze on Sarah, and he seemed to be looking her top to bottom.

She felt a blush in her cheeks. She really wasn't dressed in anything fancy. A simple floral summer dress was all she could dig up. An item she'd picked up at the thrift shop.

"Miss Sarah, about Amateur night," Edward said, his eyes so sad and droopy he looked like an old bloodhound, "I'm sorry if you felt uncomfortable by my forwardness."

"You tried to kiss me," Sarah said, feeling suddenly embarrassed.

"I only did it because I could tell you wanted me to. There's no harm in admitting you're attracted to me."

Sarah jerked away from him and glared into his eyes. "You're delusional!" she hissed. "I have no interest in being pursued by you. You need to keep it moving and find yourself a woman who is interested."

"Oh, but I already have," Edward replied. "I found myself a lovely young lady who might just be a little too shy to admit how she feels about me."

Sarah scoffed and edged further away from Edward.

"I'm just curious," Edward said. "Why would a young girl like yourself come to a baseball game all by herself? You must want some company."

"I have company," Sarah said. "My Uncle Albert is with me, and he's going to be back any minute."

Edward laughed. "Oh, you don't need to fib to me, Miss Sarah. Everybody in Hester knows Albert wouldn't be caught dead outside his property."

Sarah rolled her eyes and turned her gaze back to the field. Henry stood on the grass in the right outfield. The sight of him in a Pioneers uniform sent Sarah's heart flying. He was talking to a lanky-armed player, swinging a bat carefree in his right hand. Sarah felt her body relax, and a smile eased across her lips. She felt Edward stiffen beside her.

"Who's that you're staring at, darling?" he snapped.

Sarah shook her head. "It's really none of your business. And don't call me, darling."

She was about to wave to Henry when Edward's muscular arm came crashing down over her chest. He seized her right shoulder and yanked her in close. Sarah let out a gasp, and Edward planted a firm wet kiss on her lips. Before she could pull away, she saw the look of disgust on Henry's face. He shook his head in disbelief, mouth set tight. Then he turned away and headed for the dugout.

"Edward! Let go of me!" Sarah cried.

Edward only tightened his grip on her. Panic and humiliation seized her expression. Sarah slapped him in the face. A sharp strike so loud, several gasps erupted around her.

Edward reeled back and Sarah darted to her feet. Tears of humiliation stung her eyes, as she ran off.

From the field, the home plate umpire shouted, "Play ball!"

Author's Note

Hopefully, you get the feel for the momentum I'm trying to create.

Again, these chapters represent a second draft. Right now, I'm trying to make sure the structure of each chapter and the action within each chapter are correct.

This will create a stable story framework that I can build upon later.

In the third and final draft before publication, I'll expand the dialogue, descriptions, and all those other little details to enhance the story world.

And hopefully, it all works out.  :)


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