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Travis's pov

"So you are saying, the leviathan's elder brother is coming back to Um take revenge" I said standing up

"Yes" Holland replied

"😂😂😂😂, hahaha, we are doomed" I laughed and at the same time at the verge of tears right now

Especially me, am doomed, I have a wolf friend who has a wolf luna and can heal fast, I have weak arms, am doomed mehn.

"We aren't doomed yet if I find a pack" daryl said

"You can't find one, you make one" Holland said

"And how does he do that , mate with you and give birth to a pack of wolf babies" I said sarcastically.

"Dude!!! Stay in the conversation, your mind is slipping away" daryl yelled

"That's cause am scared man,I mean you have powers and she does too but I dont" I yelled

"You are strong man, but am not okay?, I have weak arms, I can spend 24 hours eating cereal, I don't go to gym and my life is a mess. Am not supernatural dude, I don't wanna die." I yelled

"You can't okay now get the hold of yourself" daryl got up hit my chest

"Guys cut it out" Holland yelled and got up too.

"We need to get daryl ready for the full moon tonight" Holland continued

"Oh yeah and don't forget death too" I said

"What is it with you and death" daryl squeezed his face.

Am sorry if am getting on his nerves right now but I don't wanna die okay, I wanna make heaven but I don't wanna die.

"Travis get a hold of yourself, daryl I will be back okay" Holland said


I was about to leave when travis turned on the TV

"This is Emily Cole from channel six news, we have a report of a well found with half bodies of teenagers beside it, it smells horrible and we might have a feeling that more halves are in that well, I have with me Mrs Eva Cole Who's gonna explain to us about the case." The reporter said

"Mom?" I said in shock and sat down

"Thanks Emily, Um according to the government, we are gonna pack these halves straight to the cemetery cause there nothing a doctor can examine in them again, but I will make sure these bodies are packed and for now the woods is restricted for people" my mom replied

"Why the fuck is she getting involved oh man!!" I yelled and tucked my hair behind my ear

"You better get your mom to stop or she's gonna become leviathan's next prey" the voice warned

"That's your mom, wow she's hot " travis said and I looked at him

"Holland, why can't your mom get involved" daryl placed his hand on my shoulders

"Because those dead bodies are gonna be used to revive the canasist this full moon and if there aren't there leviathan is gonna come after my mom" I sobbed

"Well that ain't good" daryl said and sighed

" I gotta go" I said and stormed out of the house and I heard travis Yell

"Be careful hot cake"

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