Chapter 11: The Case of The Mysterious Lady

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Perrie and Sherlock rushed outside of Bart's hospital holding their samples and the printed diagnosis of the drug/poison. Sherlock calls out a cab and quickly got in to go to Scotland Yard.

'You said a game? What's that suppose to mean?' Perrie asks as she stared at Sherlock who thoughtful placed a finger on his lips. 'I've encountered something like this in the past, they have a choice; the bad pill or the good pill. This one is slightly different- I assume it is. They bet, he is a syndicate. They gamble their lives for money.' He explains still looking out the window thoughtfully. 'You do know that this is still about that Phoenix guy? He is smart by all means.' Perrie retorts as she changes the topic. 'Well, maybe the Phoenix is getting a little bored don't you think?' Sherlock says almost inaudible but was enough for Perrie to hear it. Then the cab was filled with their silence.

• • • • Scotland Yard • • • •

'Conium or Hemlock, one of the most poisonous drugs, extracted from a plant paralyses it's victim and is killed by a respiratory failure within minutes.' Sherlock explains as he, Perrie, and Lestrade rushed to Lestrade's office. 'Ok then, why did he die then, something like the movies is it? Putting the drug on the drink or something.' Lestrade suggests as they reached the office where Sally Donovan was waiting. 'No, they were gambling.' Perrie explains ignoring the existence of Sally and Sherlock doing the same. 'What? So they give their lives on a poker game and if they lose they die? That's just plain ridiculous.' Lestrade scoffs being unable to believe what the theory is.

'Close enough but no, I theorised that Mr Dallas knew something and wanted payment for it but whoever killed him asked for something else, when Mr Dallas wasn't able to provide whatever it is, they killed him. And besides, they're syndicates, if they don't get what they want, they make sure that no one does.' Perrie explains an utterly mad theory, but Sherlock was curious about it, to him, it made sense.

'How did the drug enter his system then?' Lestrade asks. 'Like lethal injection probably.' Perrie assumes as she crosses her arms together.

'Are you just making this up?' Sally says with a grin on her face as she subjected to Perrie's theory. Perrie looked at her one brow raised as she starts to think of every deduction she had made to the dead body.

'The man was on his 50's, so long time member is good. Tattoo on the left arm looks faded I'd say about 30 years old, but the tattoo on his nape is clear and bold some kind of initiation rights suggesting it might just be about 10 years old or even less, so old member? No, not so much. Identification card had a date of 1994, not renewed but shows that he has been an officer for a long time. Calloused hands, extremely calloused presumably handling fragile and heavy things, another idea; smuggler. On his pocket was a ticket, a ticket from Hong Kong, a new auction item on the website; sold for 39 million pounds the day after the date in the ticket, sold by anonymous, so smuggler it is. Bruises on other places of the body tortured it looked like, fresh but not major, so was he tortured for the information? probably. Wedded for 30 years, unhappily, ring clean from the inside but dirty on the outside, not cleaned regularly and suggests that he takes the ring off almost every time, so adulterer it is. Conclusion, Mr Dallas is a high profile syndicate who smuggled things into Britain but wanted to stay in a low profile thus choosing the simple and quiet life he had, a massive adulterer who was smart and knew something but didn't give it away. The killer then gave a mission and his failed of submission caused him his life now, Ms Donovan if you do not have any better explanation it would be lovely if you just shut your mouth.' Perrie said hastily as she typed on her phone for the website of the auction for a moment.

Lestrade and Sally looked at each other with surprise and impressed faces. Sherlock on the other hand giggles at the end of Perrie's explanation with a subtle look of disdainfulness. 'You really are like him aren't you? But better.' Sally retorts as she picks up a folder from Lestrade's desk before walking out. Sherlock rolled his eyes annoyingly. 'Ok-' Lestrade looks at Perrie, eyes wide open and mouth almost agape.
'I would suggest listening to her. She's more credible than anyone at the moment suggesting the fact that I wasn't invited.' Sherlock says as frustration becomes evident in his voice. 'In my defence, this served as a test for Perrie's ability Sherlock, and-and plus she is both our employee.' Lestrade explains. Sherlock looks away from Lestrade disapprovingly and looked out the window instead. Lestrade then turns back his attention to Perrie. 'What about the killer, anything found yet?' He asks.
'Unfortunately no, no fingerprint DNA, or even a blood drop that could lead us to them, we are at square one with that. Whoever has done this is smart.' Perrie said disappointed of her failed search.

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