Chapter 32: In The Residence

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The chest fell to the ground while the superior yellow pearwood continued to emit a faintly sweet scent

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The chest fell to the ground while the superior yellow pearwood continued to emit a faintly sweet scent. The items that had toppled out of the box were several volumes of books. Seeing that the books in the chest were preserved so well, it was evident that they were cherished by the owner.

It was not unexpected for a Miss of a big aristocratic family to bring a chest of books out with them. However, what was unexpected was the fact that there was no other luggage other than that chest of books inside the carriage. Each person in the audience before the Jiang fu had a different and unique expression on their faces. Only Jiang Ruan was unaffected and spoke, "Lian Qiao, what are you doing standing there with a startled look."

With this, Jiang Su Su then understood and smiled, "Da Jiejie really does adore reading. With a chest full of books, it really makes one feel envious. Just the day before, I begged Father to get Zhuang Qin's book anthology of poetry for me. But, Father could not find any copies. However, it seems that Da Jiejie has one in here."

Saying this in such an innocent and artless tone, it was as if she was a little girl who was simply brooding over a book.

Jiang Ruan smiled lightly, "It is just a book. Since you and I are sisters, I will have Lu Zhu wrap the book up later and gift it to you. This chest of books are things that Mother left for me. Therefore, I am doing my utmost to preserve and keep them in a good condition."

It was not hard for the audience to deduce the truth from her words. Since she had used the words 'doing her utmost' for those belongings, with one more glance at the di daughter of the Jiang fu, it was clear that she had no other luggage except the worn clothes on her body. In all likelihood, she had passed these few years in destitution. Everyone understood the idea of fishing in troubled waters; it was rare for someone as young as her to have this level of filiality. Unfortunately, while she could protect the remnants of her deceased mother's possessions, all other wealth of hers must have been stolen away.

Smiling as she looked at her, Xia Yan withdrew her fingers that were gathered at her sleeves. The expression on her face grew even more sympathetic, "I know that you are a child who loves to read books, and since we are going back inside together with Su'er, it is wonderful that you two sisters actually have similar interests."

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