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Hyuna's POV

Where could I find Oppa now? With his friends? But he doesn't have any....

I repeatedly tried guessing where he could be when a thought suddenly struck my mind. Jimin.

He was with Jimin when I last saw him. So, he must be with Jimin at this moment too.

I remembered a house in which I saw Jimin going in a long time ago, which was apparently his house. I looked out of the window. It was raining.

But, should I have cared about anything when Oppa was missing?

I rushed out of the house and on the street that was headed straight to that house. Knock knock.

I knocked at the wooden door. After a few seconds, the door creaked open. It was Jimin who answered the door.

I just stood there bent, hands on my thighs as I panted hard from all that rushing. He stared at me confused.

"H-Hyuna-ssi, what are you doing here?" "J-J-Jimin." I uttered the word with great efforts. Running a mile has never been easy!

"Nae, what happened???" "Ji-Jimin." "Come in, you are wet...and tired." He held my arm and pulled me in. JIMIN TOUCHED ME!

"Who is it Jiminnie?" A lady, probably his Mom asked. "My friend."

Did he just call me his friend???? Calm down, just focus on the purpose.

He took me to his room and made me sit on the edge of his bed, then threw a towel at me. "Now tell me why you are here."

"Did you see Oppa?" "Who?" "Taehyung." He went into complete shock for a while, then suddenly came out of his thoughts. "He is with Y/N." "Okay thanks." I hurriedly said, got off his bed and was ready to go when he held my wrist.

"Where are you going?" He asked me, rather confused of the whole situation. "To Y/N's house." He let my wrist free and as I turned around, I heard him laugh.

I quickly turned around. "So..." he chuckled. "...You are going to go to Y/N's house and drag Taehyung out of there to your Boss, That bitch Sohyun so that she can tell him how bad Y/N is and then she could make him her boyfriend, right??? That's the good plan, huh?"

My eyes filled with tears as I heard the misconceptions he had. But, how was it his fault when he didn't even know the reality?

"J-Jimin, You don't know the truth. So, don't say anything." I replied. "So tell me the truth darling, tell me the truth." He said getting up and holding my shoulders.

"It won't hurt you, and maybe it will clear the misconceptions I have, right? Tell me

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"It won't hurt you, and maybe it will clear the misconceptions I have, right? Tell me."

"Tae-Taehyung Oppa is my brother." I said. His furrowed eyebrows relaxed for a while. "Then...Then why does he hate you."

I shut my eyes and tears escaped them. "Because I left him in his times of despair. But, it wasn't completely my fault. He should know how much I missed him." I said.

"Tell me everything." He said, sitting next to me on the bed. "It's a long story." I said. "I'm ready." He replied.

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