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Be my Girlfriend..

It was like any other day hyunjin being sarounded by girls ughh how annoying..hyunjin thought as he was  going to class,

As he arrived there he saw her, the girl the love of his life park kayla, yes, his childhood friend and crush he saw the same guy Justin flirting with her which made him mad.

Ughh why can't he fucking leave her alone unless he wanna fight...hyunjin thought as he walked to them.

"Hey you Justin we need to talk"hyunjin commanded pointing to outside earning a nod from the other.

"Why can't you leave kayla alone how many times do i have to tell you to leave her!!"hyunjin shouted at the other from frustration.

"So? What's your problem why can't you leave us alone!!"justin shouted at hyunjin.

Just then kayla came pissed, "yah!! Hyunjin why are you like this why can't you fucking leave justine alone are you that jealous from him that he's way better and way caring!!"kayla shouted at the older storming away.

"It's all your fault hwang hyunjin it's all your fault and that's why leave us fucking alone!!"justin shouted at the younger walking away pissed.

Hyunjin just stayed still not knowing what to do what did i do..kayla please be there...hyunjin thought and ran immediately to the rooftop knowing that it was Kayla's favorite place when she's sad or mad.

"Kayla!!"he shouted backhugging her but she didn't hug instead she pushed him away with all her strength.

"Leave!! I don't want to see you ever again YOU ruined everything..I can't believe your my friend why do you keep pushing Justin away he's nice NOT HEARTLESS LIKE YOU!!"kayla shouted at the older crying.

Hyunjin tried to talk but kayla cutted him in the end "don't talk i don't wanna hear your ugly voice leave me alone don't ever try coming and talk to me you piece of disgusting mother fucking shit".

That's when hyunjin world crushed, he felt nothing but his heart broken I always cared i always watched over you i always saved you yet...you don't appreciate it...

"No kayla...yes maybe I am heartless but i care..I always cared about you I always saved you I always watched you I took care of you.."hyunjin told her softly.

Kayla just shook her head "you never did it always was Justin always.."

"No..it always was me Justin lied to you all the time...kayla..just give me a chance and let me prove you-"hyunjin paused walking toward her holding her chin "that I really love you"and with that he kissed her deep it wasn't full of hunger or lust but it was filled with love and need.

"Hwang hyunjin...HOW COULD YOU LIE TO ME ALL THOSE YEAR I THOUGHT U NEVER LOVED ME!!"she shouted at hin hitting him lightly which only made hyunjin giggle at her.

"Park kayla..Be my girlfriend"


And with that they ended it with a soft kiss.

That was shitty but I didn't know what to write for this chapter so I'M SORRYYYY.. I'll try my best to make the chapters more interesting

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