2. Visions and Family

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"Athena, love! Wake up."

She heard voices calling out to her.

I'm not dead yet? But the wolf... was it all a dream?

She slowly opened her eyes, a dull pain still throbbing at the back of her head.

"Mum," she gasped "what happened?" she asked groggily as she turned to look around the room, seeing her family staring down at her in worry.

"Don't ever do that again, you hear me? I was worried sick," Michael began, rambling on and on about how perturbed he was when he heard the growl and didn't see her anywhere.

So it wasn't a dream.

She smiled wearily, knowing all too well how he liked to dramatize things and how he wouldn't shut up once worried. She wasn't paying much attention until she heard him say, "if it wasn't for that man, Goddess knows what would've happened to you. You owe your life to him. And we owe him a lot as well."

"Man? What man? There was not a soul in the woods. It was just me and the wolf."

Michael shrugged in reply.

"He didn't wait long for me to catch his name. He came, dropped you off and told me to take better care of you with a hard look on his face, although that wasn't what upset me the most. His eyes, there were similar to the three of yours." He said, looking at Athena and their parents. "But very bright."

Athena slowly reached to touch the corner of her oddly golden eyes, that were unlike her parents' gold, with little red specks in them. She wanted to hear more but was cut off by her father, who looked a little worried considering the telltale wrinkles around his eyes.

"Enough, we will talk about this later. Both of you have done your mission well. I am proud of you, and both of you have earned your rest. Especially you, Athena, you are not getting out of this room until morning. Miriam will bring up your dinner or she will send it through one of the boys." he said, smiling slightly, "Now get out, all of you." he said, shooing away all the boys, holding his 6 month pregnant wife by the waist and walking out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Athena chuckled to herself, bringing back the throbbing pain as her head shook. She looked around her room feeling the warmth of safety flow into her body. The little study next to the window, her comfy little bed, the bath, and the comforting atmosphere that was always present in the house, helped her relax in ways nothing ever would. As she got up to have a bath, shivers ran down her spine as she felt someone was watching her. Looking towards the window, she saw something gleaming outside, deep in the woods surrounding their house. She walked closer to the window to search for the source but couldn't find it.

I might have imagined it. She shrugged as she proceeded to her bath.

When she had come out, her food was already kept on her table, warm and ready. She smiled. Everything that happened in the house was in order. Just how she liked it. She had her dinner in the quiet of the room and was ready to turn in for the night.

A few days of no work. That would be really nice. A little training with Dad and the others, a little time with Mum, I can't wait. Content, she blew out the candle falling deep into her fitful dreams.

A hooded girl, walked through the dark, a wolf by her side. They seemed to be hunting. A rustle sounded through the trees and bushes behind them.

Up there!

The girl shouted, drawing her bow. The wolf crouched, ready to attack. And through the trees, a fire erupted as a scaly beast flew down to snatch its prey.

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