Earth meets the Sky

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"Clarke, why are they here now?" Raven asked her as they couldn't quite get how the grounders were here already. They had at least another couple of days before the grounders arrived the last time but as Clarke tried to connect the dots, the answer became quite clear for her. "The massacre in the village. Lexa didn't stop in TonDC for too long since it didn't happen. It must have advanced the schedule of her arrival. That is why she is early." She explained to them though she couldn't keep the smile out of her face.

She was so close. She didn't know why but something told her to close her eyes and Clarke did it and tried to concentrate on the brunette and it was almost like she could feel Lexa, her presence, her spirit, or whatever it was but most importantly, Clarke could feel Lexa's heart beating steady and strong almost as if it was beating inside her chest right next to her own heart. She had never felt this before. It was almost as if they were connected. She noticed that Lexa's heart started beating fast and Clarke got worried. Was something happening to her? Was she okay? She didn't know but Clarke was overwhelmed by whatever this was.

When Raven called her back to reality, she still look baffled thanks to the whole ordeal but she quickly composed herself as Charlotte came to her side, followed by her parents who looked at her and her friends in worry. "That is a lot of them." Charlotte said out loud sounding scared and Clarke kissed her head hugging her. "They came here to talk, just that. There is no need to worry." She assured the younger girl as her mom looked at her. "Are you sure they won't attack us?" Abby asked her and Clarke nodded her head.

"I am. They are here for the audience about Mount Weather like I said they would. If we don't attack them, they will not attack us." She said just before a guard called out that there were grounders getting close and Kane moved from where he was and went to the gates as did Clarke and everyone else that was with her. "Eyes open for anything on the woods. Stay sharp but don't fire without my orders. We don't want to start anything." Kane said as they had their rifles raised but no shots were fired.

The two riders rode their horses as they came with torches and stopped in front of the gates as everyone made silence. "Why are you here?" Kane called out to them rifle in hand. "We were sent to escort your leader to see the Commander at first light." One of the rider said and the older man sighed as Jaha stepped forward. "Hello, I'm Thelonious Jaha, I am the Chancellor." He said but the man just shook his head. "Not you. Your leader, Clarke of the Sky People." He called out and everyone turned to look at her.

"Clarke is not our leader. I am." Jaha said again but the warrior shook his head. "Doesn't matter. The commander will only speak with her." He said and Clarke stepped forward and walked until she came to the gates. "I am Clarke." She said loudly and firmly and the man looked at one another and spoke in their language to confirm the description they had of her given to them by Anya and nodded at her. "The Commander will see you in the morning and only you." The grounder said to her and she nodded.

"I will go as soon as the sun rises." She said to them and he shook his head. "We will wait." He said and she nodded knowing they wouldn't leave without an order from Lexa. So she just turned to the rest of the people. "Okay, everyone. Show is over, get back to work and to whatever you were doing before, there's nothing left for you to see." She said as she moved past Jaha and went straight to her parents and friends. "Look, I know you're worried but I will be fine. Now, let's get something to eat and then we wait for tomorrow to come." She said to them and after a little convincing, they did just that.

Her family got together and ate together with her friends joining them at their table before Clarke got up saying she was going to her room and Raven followed her since they were sharing it at the moment and once they got inside and closed the door, Clarke sat down on the bed with a huge smile on her face. "She's here, Ray. She is actually here and just a few hours away before I get to see her. I am dreaming, I swear to you. I must be." She said as Raven nodded. "Yes, she is here and earlier than planned. Clarke, what about Lincoln? We were supposed to find him tomorrow, before she arrived." She said to her and Clarke nodded.

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