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You laid on Michael's chest as he played with your hair. The two of you were in your shared bedroom, cozy as anything. Michael hummed soft tunes that complemented the way you would flip the page whilst reading. The day was quiet, and since it was early evening - the sky was beginning to turn a beautiful shade of purple.

After several minutes, you set the book down on the bedside table before turning over to look at your husband of three years. He noticed you, and when his eyes met yours - he broke into a wide smile.

You giggled at his reactions, and he pulled you closer to him.

"That's why I fell in love with you, and why I continue to do it everyday," he kissed your forehead before a knock came at the bedroom door - which had been shut for privacy.

"Come in," Michael spoke as we both sat up. Carol, the chief of staff - opened the door, a frantic expression on her face.

Instantly, Michael and I became worried. What had happened for Carol to look as if she had just seen a ghost?

"What's wrong?" I frowned at Carol.

She shook her head and made an effort to catch her breath. Once she had done so, she swallowed.

"Frank just called," she mumbled, barely audible. "He said that he needed to talk to you, and that it's very important,"

"Oh, alright," Michael chuckled a little. "I'll give him a call later this evening,"

"Oh no, sir - he's downstairs, and he doesn't look happy,"

By that time, Michael and yourself had thrown on some decent clothes before he walked ahead of you after kissing your forehead.

In no time, you were following him down the staircase as Frank paced up and down the living room.

"Frank?" you called, making him turn his head to look at the both of you.

"Hi, (Y/N)," he looked at you with serious eyes before looking at Michael.

"What's going on?" Michael raised an eyebrow, folding his arms.

"We have a problem," Frank sighed.

"What sort of problem?" you frowned.

Frank shook his head violently as he groaned a little.

"Hey, calm down," you walked up to Frank and rubbed his back. "Tell us what's going on,"

"There have been new allegations against Michael. Child molestation accusations,"

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