♡Don't Say You Love Me|Part Two♡

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You walked along the evening path, eventually coming to a bridge that overlooked the beauty of a river. The stars in the sky, sparkled their reflections onto the surface of the waters below.

The gentle breeze caressed your face. Your mascara was smudged - and you were pretty sure that you looked like a mess. Running your fingers through your hair, you groaned.

Fast paced thoughts began to speed along in your mind. You asked yourself so many questions - the main one being: Why the hell did I do that?!

Suddenly, you heard approaching footsteps - making you turn your head to see whom it was. Your breathing became rapid when you saw who it was.


Without a word, you turned your head back to look at the river.

"(Y/N)..." he trailed off, making you look at him again. He walked further until he was right beside you.

"It's fine," you shook your head. "We can't have it all,"

"Listen, just because I don't feel the same way for you - doesn't mean that we can't be friends," he sighed. "It'd be best if we called off all our sexual encounters,"

"Michael, do you know what it's like to have your heartbroken?" you leaned against the cement banister - focusing on the way the reflections of the stars danced.

"Are you kidding?" he managed to chuckle. "I know all about heartbreak,"

You straightened up and turned your entire form to face him. He kept his eyes on you - studying you.

"Really?" you raised an eyebrow.

"I do know how it feels," he shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants. "I was in love with this woman, Diana,"


"Yes. And I had believed that she loved me back, and that we would get married and have kids," he sighed. "But it turned out, she never really felt for me the way I did, her,"

"Unrequited love sucks, doesn't it?" you smiled a little.

"It does," he laughed.

Several moments passed before he cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry,"

"Don't be," you waved him off with a sad smile. "I understand that not everything works out the way we imagine it,"

"You're most certainly correct," he then held his left hand out for you to take. "Now we both may be messes - but how about some ice cream?" he giggled. "It solves everything,"

Biting your lip, you nodded and took his hand. As the two of you walked off, you thought about the reality of life - and it was at that point that you got your answer to your existence.

To learn that not everything could be yours, mine - nor ours.

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