~ Admittance ~

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Matias did not want to admit it but in the silence of the house he was starting to feel lonely and then pathetic because of that loneliness. Annie had wanted to go home, that was what was important here. 'Your feelings were just hormones!' That's what he said over and over to convince himself and over and over again he found that it didn't work.

'But what might is some alcohol.' He glumly thought on his way down to the kitchen from his rooftop garden where he heard the sound of a window opening. Matias was quick to check it out with a mixture of hope and dread in his heart, the idea that it could be Annie both exciting and scaring him. She could be coming back to see him again or be coming back because she's been forced to by a military officer.

As it turns out both were correct, the man's eyes widening as he stared at Tona and Annie.

He did not even have time to be angry as Annie blatantly lied to his face because now there was a much bigger problem.

This beautiful innocent girl knew about Annie.

A novice in these types of situations would probably assume that this was a good thing, the girl was on their side and was willing to work with them but he knew better than that. This girl was a problem because she was weak, weak enough to get asked a few questions too many and crack under the pressure.

Glancing at Annie, he could tell that she wanted nothing more than to kill this girl and get rid of the problem entirely. It honestly wasn't a bad idea and had he been a colder man probably would have went through with it but he wasn't that man. Matias ran a hand through his hair. He was going to have to be blunt about this.

"Listen, Tona. I know that you want to help Annie but I'm going to be very blunt. You shouldn't. In fact this whole, reunion, is something you should forget as soon as possible."

Tona looked shocked and hurt at the complete rebuttal to her help but the former military officer didn't stop nor allow her a chance to interject with her own opinion.

"Everything inside the walls is going haywire with the Survey Corps rebellion, the Garrison and Military police will be looking for any excuse they can find to get the people on their side. One such strategy will be finding..." He was about to say "Female Titan," but stopped as he looked at Annie. What if she didn't know? He turned back to Tona and decided to leave that bit out.

"...A fugitive like Annie. They'll use that leverage to put the people on their side and if they see you acting weird or coming around these parts. You'll risk exposing everyone. Do you understand?"

Tona responded by simply nodding rather pitifully and swallowing. "I understand. I'll pretend this never happened."

"Good. Now get out of here before someone notices you."

Shakily and looking to be on the verge of tears, Tona nodded and then looked at Annie with a glance before running out the door.

Matias watched her go and silently thanked the heavens above for allowing nobody to be outside his home at that moment. If anyone did see her behind his home they'd probably think there was a bad breakup. She probably wouldn't mention this either considering she did seem to be attached to Annie.

"I will see you around Tona" Annie smiled at her softly as the girl left. She bit her lip and turned to Matias.

"So why'd you run?" Matias turned to Annie with the question, the tension between the two rising as they stared at one another. "It must've been worth putting everyone in danger."

"You did not have to scare her like that. She was a... is a friend of mine." Annie spoke simply. "She is trustworthy, although stupid; she might be able to help."

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