All's Fair in Love

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"No, stop it Famine!" Leinard cried out, attempting to silence the boy from hurling further insults at the demon.

It was too late. The dumb Famine had pushed against the demon's sore spot.

"STUPID?! Blasphemy!" The demon felt his rage.

He called upon his book of knowledge to lay down the law.

"Bring it you mindless git! I'm not afraid of you!" Famine shouted.

The three knights of the Evadale Knight Order groaned and readied their weapons for retaliation.

"Blasphemy, blasphemy, blasphemy!" The demon childishly ranted as he called upon his powers within the blue book. "Come, my children, bind the lair!"

Moving silhouettes and agitated voices surrounded the patterned walls. They sparked and warped into ever-changing images of events and sceneries pulled from the humans' minds.

"Oh shit!" Wilfred panicked when he realised the power that was activated.

He felt dizzy from the rush of images and colours pressurising his senses. His ears picked up the voice of a woman that he shouldn't be hearing.


"Wilfred. You must protect your sister and look after each other." His mother's serene voice advised him of his place as he held her left hand.

His older twin sister held their mother's right hand. The three of them were the pitiful sight in black suits as they solemnly stood over their father's freshly filled grave.

"All of the Smithsonian Estate will be looking upon you as the man of the house."

Wilfred shook his head and closed his eyes. He wasn't there, and neither was his mother. If that were the case, he wouldn't be holding onto her hand much longer.

"No, I'm not here!" He shouted with firm conviction and opened his eyes to another moment in time.

"What is this?" His voice cracked at the sight of a group of his middle school classmates surrounding his younger self.

They were attempting to extort money and sexual favours from him.

At a crucial moment, his sister attacked with a handful of strobe grenades and miniature bots that she had made in their uncle's lab.

"My brother's not your bitch!" She roared when she had successfully chased off the bullies. Unbeknownst of Wilfred's dampened pride.

"Why'd you do that?!" He lashed violently at his sister with an ire he had never felt before and was surprised when she laughed with a look of relief on her face.

"Finally." She patted his back.

"Finally?" Wilfred sighed and found himself in another past moment of his life, back to when he had first met the black-bearded face of his eccentric uncle, who had become their caretaker upon their mother's untimely passing.

It was the most awkward and unfilled moment of his life when he was belittled by his uncle's attendant for being a worthless boy.

"Worthless weakling, who lacks the intelligence befitting a Smithsonian Head. Your sister shows far more promise."

"My sister is better?"

Wilfred felt his strength fading and his desire for rest increasing.

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