"Breathe," said Small Cap when he felt his friend's skin cold as ice.

Unfamiliar groans startled the spider. He went to hide in his friend's pocket when he saw the two-legs with four eyes stirring to consciousness.

"Ugh." The thick-framed-glasses boy stirred awake and jostled the round-glasses boy back to consciousness.

The thick-framed-glasses boy tested the jarring pain he felt to his elbow and suspected he had sprained his arm upon impact.

"Where are we?" asked the round-glasses boy.

He came to a conclusion upon sight of the blue floors and patterned walls casting oily light about the strange blue semi-darkness.

The boys scrambled about the semi-darkness and found their lieutenant colonel on the ground nearby. He was holding a black-haired beauty of a boy, about their age, to his chest. They were unconscious.

"Jensen. Who is this boy?" asked the round-glasses boy.

"Wilfred, isn't he the one we found in that Juxtapositioner's lair in the South Wing," said the thick-framed-glasses boy as he scratched at his head.

"That boy." Wilfred thought with a frown.

"Colonel," he called out to his superior, shaking the man's shoulder to rouse him awake.

Leinard's eyes fluttered open. He blinked in the images of Jensen and Wilfred's faces. He went to sit up and felt Famine unconscious in his arms.

"Famine, up," he said as he shook the boy, at the same checking to make sure he hadn't been injured.

Famine groaned to life; his eyes gradually opened.

"Where are we?" His eyes blinked about the blue semi-darkness.

They went wide when he recognised the pattern walls shimmering with rainbow light and the feeling of the blue floors.

"Oh no we have to get out of—" Famine paused when he saw a creature looking like a court jester skipping towards them.

"I know." Jensen mouthed with his hand gripping the steel gun he had picked off the floor earlier.

"Screw you! I don't care if you know what's gonna happen. I'm gonna shoot!" Jensen yelled as he faced the court jester and fired rounds at it.

The court jester had anticipated the attack, obviously, and danced around the flying bullets with ease.

"You morsels won't be able to escape my lair this time," he declared.

The breaking of his last lair was due to a miscalculation of pride and trust in a hard sell that ended up a con.

He wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. He had recovered a percentage of power due to the precious meal he was gifted with. Now with the addition of three tantalising appetisers, he'd suck their minds dry to speedily fill up his own. His initial plans will be back on track.

"Firstly, to eradicate this Famine thing. How dare I was tricked into believing this dumb imbecile had a worthy brain to eat!" The demon cursed.

Of course, at that time, he had been starved of knowledgeable brains, so he hadn't been in the right frame of mind to make a sound decision.

Now was different. The tender and tasty human that Hades Lion gave him made up for his earlier troubles.

"Huh?! Who you calling a dumb imbecile you stupid git!" Famine shouted out his unintelligent insults to the demon.

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