small town girl

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  • Dedicated to giana gonzales

one day there was a girl named giana gonzales she lived in new mexico but was from ireland .she grew up as a small town girl and there was not really any thing awesome about her until she was wanting to do flamenco irish dancing  ad jazz also hip hop and most of all sing thats what she was best at. so she started a band called falling with the stars and when she told her mom and dad she started a band thay wonderd if she chould keep up with all the stuff she was doing. every day she put her whole life in her band and dance. every day she got up and made sure her friends had there head in the game (oh sorry to stop the story if you guys chould like hippes dont bite on facebook and youtube if you do i will wirte a songbout you) so every thing was going perfect until every thing went worng. her band broke up but we got back together so sorry this is so short like hippes dont bite on facebook and youtube and ill release the reast of the story

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