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Ruby sat at a window table, fiddling with her coffee cup. I sat down in front of her. "Ruby." I greeted. 

"Thank you for coming." She smiles. I shrug.

"What do you want Ruby?" 

"I wanted to apologize. For everything and I want to tell you I'll help you." I frown and cross my arms.

"Help me with what?" 

"Getting back at Victoria. She screwed me over, Tami. Used me just to get with Wynter. Look, I am really sorry for everything." I nod and look down.

"I guess I can't hold grudges for long. But this doesn't mean I fully trust you." The waitress comes over and we immediately stop talking. 

"What can I get you today?" I smile and order a iced tea and some chocolate cookies for us to share. When the waitress is gone I turn to Ruby and sigh.

"How do you plan to get back at Victoria?" 

"I plan to get her charged. Victoria has been doing illegal dealings and needs to be put away. That way, she'll be out of our way and you and Wynter can have another go at your relationship. And I can move on." 

"Where do you plan to go?" I ask, drinking my iced tea.

"England. There is a good arts program there." I smile remembering that Ruby loved to draw and paint. I'm glad she still does.

"Well how do we start this plan of yours?" Ruby looked at me wide eyes.

"You wanna do it?" I nod, smiling. "Okay. Well we need to get her laptop. It has all her dealings and contacts. Then we bring it to the cops." I nod and eat a cookie. 

"Alright." It was quiet until I broke the silence. "Thank you. For saying sorry and well helping me out. I love her, you know. But right now, Victoria is in the way. She's ruined us, my relationship and I can't deny that Wynter has some sort of affection for Victoria." Tears clouded my vision and I hid my face in my hands. 

"No thank you Tami. Your such a good, kind person. If anyone can make Wynter see clearly is you. Because I know that she loves you as much as you do to her. Go back to Wynter and I'll contact you as soon as we can start our plan. Okay?" I nod and wipe my eyes and get up. 

"I better go now. Talk to her, find out her side of the story." Ruby smiles and engulfs me in a hug. 

"See you later, Tami." I nod and walk out, stuffing my hands in my pockets. I have to speak with her. Know her side of the story. If she loves me, she'll tell me the truth. I hope. 

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