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Just a recap of what happened on Scarlet Hearts (Wang Eun x Soon Deok)

Wang Eun, is a 10th prince. Soon Deok is the daughter of a General, which is close to family Wang. Their parents arranged Wang Eun and Soon Deok marriage, as requested by Soon Deok, who is inlove with Wang Eun. However Wang Eun loved Hae Soo(IU).

Despite that the two get married. However Baekhyun does not treat Soon Deuk as his wife.

The King later on died, the throne has been passed on to the 1st Prince.

Wang Eun insist on going to his father funeral
"We can't go" Soon Deok(Hera) tried to stop Wang Eun (Baekhyun) from coming to the palace
"or Do you want to die together?" The girl suggested

"Why would I die with you?" As he pout
"We should" he said
Which makes the princess so happy.

Later on... the 1st Prince also died.
The throne was passed to the 3rd King, who is the baddest from them.

When Wang Eun starting to like Soon Deok, the 3rd King ordered his soldiers to kill him.

Soon Deok, who is used to fight. Start protecting her husband.

But when one of the soldier was about to kill Wang Eun(Baekhyun), she(Hera) pushed him and in return it was her who have been slain by the sword.

The attempt to kill the 10th was not successful. So the 3rd King himself, shot Wang Eun using his arrow, the 1st arrow hit his righ shoulder, then the 2nd arrow hit his stomach

He asked his 4th brother to kill him.

"That girl...I can't let her go alone" he said as his last wish.

And then the 4th brother cried when he slain his brother using his sword.

The both of them die.

So that's how their love story goes... we find it very not satisfying so I was requested to make the continuation of their story.

So I hope everyone will like this 😭❤️

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