1. the queen returns

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"Kylie! Wake up!" Elena screams bursting into my room. I groan throwing my sheets over me and rolling onto my side. God I actually hate her. She is such a control freak.

"Your going to miss school!" Elena screams opening up my curtains. I pull the cover down slightly so I can pop out my middle finger and I can hear her groan in response.

"Seriously K! It's 6:30!" She yells and I can hear her running around my room like a maniac.

"You've got to be kidding me Elena." I say pull my covers down so my head pops out.

"School starts in two hours." I tell her and she screams.

"I know!" She yells and she runs out of my room and I can hear her getting Jeremy up. I groan rolling out of bed knowing I can't get back to bed now. Ever since our parents died Elena has decided to take it upon herself to be the Mother of the household. And let me tell you it's driving me to insanity.

I have a shower and quickly throw on a hot looking outfit. I smile at myself in the mirror happy with my look. Not to flatter myself but I'm sort of the schools 'it' girl. Because my sister is to stuck up it makes me seem extra fun (which I am).

"Do you want a ride with me and Bonnie?" Elena asks as I quickly down Jenna's coffee shot.

"Nope." I reply shortly grabbing my bag.

"You need to give her a chance Ky. She wants to be your friend." Elena pleads stopping me from exiting.

"I already have to spend my entire day pretending to like people. I don't need to to corrupt my 'me' time." I tell her annoyed with her 'do-good' attitude.

"Where are you going?" Elena asks as I open the door.

"Hell." I reply shutting the door behind me. I smile when I see Tyler pull up. I walk over and open up the passenger door but Matt is sitting there.

"Out." I command pointing to the back.

"No way! I got here first." He complains crossing his arms.

"Ohhh Tyler." I plead in a sing-song voice.

"Nope I am not getting into your little arguments again." Tyler says throwing his hands up in defense.

"Fine." I groan and I sit on Matts lap and Tyler chuckles whilst Matt shakes his head.


I get out of the car and look around. Not much has changed. Matt, Tyler and I head into school and I can see everyone's heads turn as they look at me in shock. I just grin and take it all in. Feels good to be back.

I swear every god damn person in the school came up to me today giving me their 'best wishes'! God I just want to forget what happened! Is that to much to ask?

I close my locker and I turn around see a hot guy leaning against the wall right next to me.

"Hi I'm Stephan." He sticks out his hand standing up straight.

"Kylie." I reply shaking it strongly. This guy is super cute.

"Oh I thought you were-" He begins but I cut him off.

"Elena? Not quite. I'm the sexy fun one and she is... Well I'm sure you can find out for yourself." I answer innocently side stepping him and making my way to Tylers car. I'm far to bored to stand another minute of this.

"Where are you going?" Stephan asks following shortly behind me.

"None of your business Stephan." I reply not looking back.

"Kylie, do you know where I could find Elena?" Stephan asks walking beside me and I stop walking and look up at him.

"No, but there's a party tonight. I'm sure she'll be there." I smile innocently cocking my head to the side. This Stephan guy is very interesting.

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