Chapter 1. Found

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Reader's POV

*Ring Ring Ring* The ear-piercing sound of the alarm wakes me up in an instant. As I reach for my phone to turn the alarm off, I realized that it was already past 8 am. Shit.

I'm usually not late, and today certainly cannot be the day I will be. 


I check my phone to see that my friend has texted me. 


Seojoon: where tf are you?! The audition starts in like 30 minutes! 

Me: my bad! i overslept, ill be at your house in 10

Seojoon: hurry up, i will murder you if we miss the audition  

Me: okay okay


I lock my phone and quickly dress as nicely as I can in the time that was offered to me.  I do feel kind of sorry though since I promised Seojoon that I'd meet him at his house at 8:00. After all, he was really excited for the JYPE audition. 

I rush downstairs, where my aunt was making breakfast. It smells very nice, but I don't have time for it now. As I head for my shoes, my aunt calls my name.

"In Y/N! Are you going already? Why don't you at least eat something before you go?" I appreciated that she cared for me, but I was in a hurry. Plus, I wasn't hungry.

"No thank you, Seojoon is waiting for me already!" I yell just enough for her to hear me. Hearing her approval, I rush to Seojoon's house.

It's a relief he lives 5 minutes away because if not, I would have been late. I press the doorbell. It only took about 3 seconds for Seojoon to open the door. He really must be excited about the audition. I didn't really want to do the audition, but because Seojoon insisted, I kinda had to.

"Thank god you're here. And what's wrong with your hair? We're going to an audition, not to grandparent's house," he comments. "Here, come in quickly. We need to make your hair look better," 

I'm not going to lie, I did my hair as best as I could, so hearing what Seojoon said kind of hurt me. I follow him inside, where he fixed my hair. I have to admit, he made my hair look at least 3 times better. 

"Alright, let's go!" Seojoon exclaims. I nod and walk to the car with him. 


We're finally here, the new JYP building. There are already a lot of people here. We should have come earlier, I feel slightly guilty now. We got our audition numbers and got in line. I can already tell this is going to take a long time.

"Sorry, we should have come earlier," I apologize to Seojoon.

"It's alright man, it's not like we're gonna miss the audition," he laughs it off. I'm thankful for him, I really am. He's way too nice.


We've been waiting for how long now? I check the time, and I was a tad bit surprised. We've been waiting for 45 minutes. *Sigh* It doesn't look like we'll be done any time soon. I'm glad I'm with Seojoon; I would have been bored to death without him. 

"You there" I heard a deep voice call out in our vicinity. Both Seojoon and I looked behind us to find a person who seemed like a JYPE staff. "Yes, you in the red shirt," he was talking about me.

"What are you here to audition for?" he questions.

"To be a trainee, sir," I respond.

"Are you here with anyone?" he asks another question.

"Yes sir, I'm here with him," I answer him while pointing at Seojoon.

"Okay, both of you come with me," he announces. Of course, both Seojoon and I hesitated. We didn't know if the man was actually a JYPE staff. 

"What are you waiting for?" he questions. I look at Seojoon who also was looking at me. He nods, and we decide to follow the man.

"Wait here," The man states. We were taken to a small room with 5 pipe chairs in it. In the back was a desk with a name tag. The name tag read "Jin-Young Park". Jin-Young Park... WAIT. JYP? I can't believe it. Were we just scouted? Is JYP going to audition us himself? I look at Seojoon. It seems like he was thinking the same thing I was thinking of.

Few minutes have passed since we arrived in the room. There are 3 people besides us in the room, yet the room is dead silent. The door creaks open, which broke the silence. I can't believe it. It's actually JYP.

"Is this all?" JYP asks the man that scouted us. The man nods, and JYP nods slightly after him. "Alright, first of all, welcome all to my office. And second of all, you all were picked to be here because of your looks. So, congratulation," he announces. 

He tells us to do our audition as planned, and so we form a line to start our audition. Unfortunately - or fortunately - I'm second to last, with Seojoon being last. The first girl goes in front of JYP's desk to start the audition.

"Name, age, and your specialty?" he starts by asking those simple questions. 

"Li Seyeon, 16, rap," the girl replies. 

"So I assume you prepared a rap for us then?" JYP questions, and the girl nods. "Then please, dance or sing for us,"

That caught everyone by surprise. I mean I guess it makes sense that JYP is looking for talented people. 

"B- But I came here prepared with a rap," the girl says with worries in her voice.

"So would you like to rap then?" the girl nods. "Okay then, next,"

Yup, the girl failed the audition. I guess she didn't satisfy JYP.

The other two auditioned, with only one of them passing. It's finally my turn. I should be nervous, but I'm not at all nervous. Instead, I'm very excited, as if I were born for this exact moment. JYP asks the 3 questions he has been asking everyone.

"In Y/N, 17, singing," I answer. To my surprise, he answers by simply saying "Please sing for us,"

I sing what I've been practicing for the past 3 weeks, "Who's Your Mama" by the one and only JYP himself. I could see the joy on his face as I finish singing the song. 

"Will you rap and dance for us as well?" He asks. This caught me off guard. He didn't ask anyone else to do this, then why me? Though I was confused, I still did what he asked. He seems very pleased with my performance. 

"Please, follow the staff to the other room," he tells me. I'm excited. I passed. I look at Seojoon and nod, hoping he will also pass. I follow the staff to the other room, where the other person who also passed was. 

Soon after I arrived in the room, JYP enters the room. Sadly, Seojoon didn't seem to have passed the audition. I do feel sorry since I passed yet he was more excited about it than I was. We are handed the trainee contract, which contained details such as requirements and housing. I continue to read the contract thoroughly. Since I'm fine with what the contract stated, I sign the contract.

"Great! We're all set to go!" JYP exclaims.


[A/N] Woow, that was pretty long. The reason for the long chapter was so that I can quickly go to where twice comes out. So twice should come next chapter, stay tuned! Also, if you see any mistakes, please feel free to point them out~

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