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I sigh as I text over and over, the picture attached to it and wondering why it was sent. It's not like this is the first time this happened but when you day is already crappy. Then yeah, my feelings are hurt so much. 

"Tami!" Wynter bust inside my room, panting heavily. I didn't look at her, knowing full well that if I do I'll cry. "I'm so sorry." I threw my phone at her and sat on my bed."Tami... I... It isn't what it looks like." 

"Then what does it look like?" I spat. 


*few hours earlier*

School was pretty quiet today. Well I did come early to finish off my assignment. I had asked Wynter if she wanted to come but she said she had to help her mother with cleaning before she came to school. Wynter has changed so much, it makes me proud. No one can criticize her for anything and that is what I love. Smiling I close my books and get up, waving goodbye to the librarian and heading towards my locker. I could hear the chit chat from in coming students. Wynter should be here soon too...

"Tami!" I squealed and ran to him, koala hugging him.

"Joshua! Oh my god! It's been a long time!" He laughs and sets me down, grinning at me.

"I've heard the news about you missy. Gettin' in with the Bad Girl." I blushed and playfully pushed him.

"Shut up. What about you! Have you landed anyone yet? I'm sorry I haven't been around." I look down, kicking the floor with my toe.  

"Hey," Josh said softly, grabbing my hand. "It's okay, I understand. To answer your question, no I have not landed anyone but there is  this cute I met at the coffee shop. Her names Ruby." I frown. That name is so familiar. Shrugging it off I shift the books in my arms. 

"Cool. Hope she's nice." He smiles and leans against the locker. "Does she come to our school?"

"Yeah but apparently she works so she doesn't  come often." I nod. 

While Joshua talks on about this girl my phones dings. An unknown number showing up on my screen. 


Are you sure you can trust Wynter?

I frown and my eyes land on an attached picture... no... "Tami? Whats wrong?" The picture was of her... Wynter and Victoria kissing outside Wynter's house... My phone was snatched from me and Joshua read the text. "Oh Tami...I'm sorry." He pulled me into a hug and I bury my face in his chest.

"Hey Tami, whats wrong?" That voice. I turn to her and slap her cheek.

"Your such a bitch." I spat. "Don't, don't you say whats wrong. I should have never trusted you." Tears were spilling so I grabbed Joshua's hand and walked away. 

*present time*

"I hate you!" I yelled, throwing my pillows at her. "What, wasn't I ever good enough for you! Huh?!" Wynter looked at me, her eyes filled with guilt, sorrow and a tad bit angry. 

"T-Tami please listen..." I shoved her, her back hitting the door. She gasped, holding onto the door for balance.

"Your such a ass! Kissing Victoria? And I had find out through text! Nonetheless by some unknown person?" I frown when my phone goes off again. Hissing I take the phone of her and answer it. "Hello?" I glare at Wynter while taking the call.

"Tami, this is Ruby." 

"What do you want Ruby. As far as I know, your part of the plan of Victoria and Wynter kissing." Ruby sighs.

"No. I was the one to take the photo. Look can we meet up? I'd like to talk to you." I could hear the desperation in her voice. Sighing I agree.

"Okay. Meet me at the cafe." I hear a soft okay on the other end and hang up. I ignore Wynter and grab my coat, walking past her. 

"Tami!" I ignore her and slam the front door, walking towards the cafe. I do not care about her right now. My heart has shattered. I really thought her heart had changed. 

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