Chapter 49 - Ink Brush of Virtue

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Actually, Zhao is feeling a rather unique sensation.

He really drank too much, and can't really walk straight. But he already threw up and took a nap, so he isn't as drunken by now.

It's just that Chu exaggerated on how drunk he is, and so he just decides to play along. Pretending that he is utterly disoriented, he lays in the seat next to the driver like a dead corpse, feigning unconsciousness.

Shen went upstairs to pick him up, but left the car engine on to keep the air con running. Zhao feels it as soon as he gets inside.

Shen sits down and pushes him lightly, "Wake up, you can sleep when you're back at home, it's easy to catch a cold outside."

Zhao plays dead.

He hears the man beside him sighing. Shen sees that he can't wake him up, so he leans forward to pull his seat belt for him. The two men are so incredibly close that Zhao can smell Shen's scent, it's different from when he's the Ghost Slayer. He has the scent of soap from the clothes that probably just came out of the laundry... when the Ghost Slayer sheds his feared black cloak, what's underneath is actually such a clean and soft man.

Then, Shen takes out a bottle of mineral water, and pours some into a little cup. He shakes the cup a bit, and the cold water warms up with white mist. He holds the cup beside Zhao's mouth, "Drink some."

Zhao opens his eyes slightly, and inside of the car is pitch black, with only the light shining from Shen's eyes. They are just the right amount of light, not murky but not glaring either.

Zhao's heart suddenly stomps heavily. He leans forward, and guzzles down the cup of water in Shen's hand. Then, Shen takes out a blanket from underneath the seat and wraps him tightly in it. He turns up the temperature of the air con, and drives away steadily.

Zhao leans against the seat with his eyes close, but he is awake... it's been a long time since he felt so warm in a cold winter's night.

It's been half a month since they came back from the snowy mountains, and Zhao never contacted Shen.

But constantly annoying and worrying about the thing he likes has become a bit of a habit, and it's always painful to change ones habits. Zhao has therefore been living quite messily. And although humans are social animals, too much socialising can wear anyone out.

If you don't take care of your appearance meticulously, it's perhaps to make you appear less alone.

Men and women go after him, it has always been like that. When he is in a good mood, he likes engaging in a bit of an ambiguous love affair, just to make himself feel better. But ever since he stopped contacting Shen, he began comparing everyone with him. And the more he did, the more disappointed he was... among all those people, none of them has the same charisma of a well-educated scholar, none of them has the same features that look as though they come from a famous portrait.

Zhao feels like he turned into an old monk void of desires in just one night. One time during a dinner gathering, someone hired a young model that he always liked, but he was utterly uninterested... Da Qing can testify, there was a time when Zhao very pervertedly set a swimsuit picture of that model as his desktop background.

And whenever he is so drunken that he forgets what year it is, he thinks about the day when he shamelessly coerced Shen to stay at his place till night time because of his stomachache.

They watched movies together, and talked occasionally. When he got bored of the old movies he picked up some files that he was reading. They would do their own thing and not disturb one another. And then, Shen would place a pillow behind him.

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