Chapter 10

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Warning:HOMOPHOBIC LANGUAGE. BITCHY ALLURA. Also don't forget to comment and Vote! <3

(Keith pov) 

"Shit.. Allura?" I tightened my grip on Lance.

"Fag! Stay away from Lance!" She screeches. A bunch of her body guards were there. The waves clashed together as they met the sand. "TEACH HIM A LEASON" Allura wines. The guards walk to me. They grab Both my arms. The hold me back. Allura runs and hugs Lance. 

"Let go! Leave me be!" I struggle again and again. I didn't give up! I had to save him... I NEED TO SAVE HIM! I feel my hreat break. Allura pulls Lance closer. They're noses touch. 

"To far Allura.. We'll leave him to die" Lance glares back at me in tears "let's go" he walks away. Tears fly as she skips next to him leaving me alone with two men who want to kill me. They drop me on the floor.

"WAIT, LANCE! WHAT DID THIS DAY MEAN TO YOU!? IT MEANT SO MUCH TO ME! NEVER FORGET M-" I cried as tears fell onto the floor. My hreat felt heavy. I feel pain in my side. 

"Piece of shit" the bigger one eyes me. He had kicked me in the side. All I saw was Lance's silhouette in the distance. 

"Kick him again Bill!" The smaller one had a knife in his hand. The bigger one or well bill pinned me to the sand. My chest hurt against the sand. He had his foot on my back and he was holding the back of my hoodie

"Stab him Jack. Make him feel like trash!" Bill dropped me. The smaller one/Jack jabbed the knife into my arm then my leg. He turned me over and pinched my face so my cheeks were puffed out

"The final blow" Jack smirked and took the knife. He put it up against my scar. He slowly pushes it into my scar. I feel pain rise up on my face. I see the blood run down my cheek. It continued to cut it deeper. I let tears fall from my hreat broken eyes

"Jack, look his eyes. They look dead. We should stop. Let's bring to the house!" Bill smirks

"The McClains?" Jack smiles 

"yep. And make sure to tell Shiro, Keith's went with Matt on Vacation. We don't want him looking for Keith"

"L....a...n.... ce......Hel-" I feel I sharp pain in my side. Then everything goes black. 

(Lance pov) 

Allura grips my arm and kisses my cheek. 

"Great job Lance! Sticking to the script! Your for sure broke him!" 

"Yep!" I put a fake smile on my face. We get to my limo. Coran waited for us. Allura cuddles up next to me. He looks at me in sadness with a look of 'Lance, don't give up on him' 

"Coran, the house" Coran waits for the body guards. The walk to the car, they dump a soulless looking body into the trunk 'Keith! What happened?! This isn't what I wanted- NO NO! YOU ARE STRAIGHT! THOSE TIMES WERE HIM NOT YOU, YOU NEVER LOVED HIM' I mentally slap myself. I feel my self tear up 'you're  straight... YOU'RE STRAIGHT' I let the tears fall. Allura was asleep. Coran looked at with a worried look. And the two body guards were talking in Russian. The one language I never cloud learn damn it.. 

"Lance, cuddle with me!" Allura tugs my arms 'it was his doing. I need to be healed from my sins.. Pray the gay away.. They're gonna kill him tomorrow.. Just cuddle with her'

"Ok" I  leaned my head on hers. I love her! I love her so much.. Her warmth.. Warmth.. Wait, she's not warm.. Whatever

"I love you~" She holds my hand

"I love you too Allura" I kiss her head. "I love you too.." That didn't feel right.. 

\\when they get home//

"Lance! Allura! Welcome home!" My dad and mother smile. My dad goes and hugs us. 

"Hi dad.. Mom" I wave a bit then I sit in the chair in the corner.

"Come, we set up a little place in the backyard" Matt and Lotor lead her there. 

"Matt, Lotor when your done. Meet my in my room" 

"Yes, sir" Lotor bows and drags Matt down with him. I sit up and walk to the stairs

"Thank you" I drag my feet up the stairs 

\\Lances room//

"Sir?" Matt opens the door. The sit next to me on the bed. I had been crying. I don't know why.

"It's ok.. He'll be died soon. Your dad has so much money, and your mothers president. And gays will soon be gone" Lotor tires to comfort me

"That means Shiro.. Adam.. They'll die? But they're so nice.." I clutch my pillow tighter

"The night mare will be over soon.. Keith will be in a better place and there you'll be happy. Just wait. He'll be there and you live your life then live with him there Lance" Matt was even worse at comfort then Lotor 

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT AYMORE!" Fall back on my bed. The two follow. I really don't.. 

(Keith's POV) 

I wake up in the trunk. The car had parked. My body hurt all over. They took me inside. There I saw the worse thing ever. Lance's dad is the homosexual murder... Lance's dad has killed countless of lives because they were gay. He was a Mafia king...

"Bow before me Fag or, you shall pay" 


End of chapter

Word count: 936

Ok I have on thing I would like to say, 

Ok I have on thing I would like to say, 

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