Chapter 22

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The guards are in defense mode and we all start to gather at the border.Derek and I are in the front ready to attack."Oh hey Natilie how's it being a rouge?" he snickers.How'd he know? I turn my attention back to him "I'm not a rouge" I growl at him.A smirk is planted on his face "But you were" he points out,"you still have a chance to join me" he says in a serious tone.I burst out laugh "like I want to join you" He frowns "fine have it your way" he turns to his pack "Attack" He shouts in his alpha voice.I quickly put up the force field,Damion tries to take it down while his pack keeps hitting it.I keep fighting to keep up the force field,but they mange little by little to take it down.His pack start to attack us,my pack transforms but I stay in human form to help with my powers.I use my super strength and throw my opponents into trees making them limp and unable to fight.I continue doing this until I hear a small scream near the bunker.No one else seems to hear it probably because I'm a kolide.I start running towards the bunker while blocking other attacks.When I get to the bunker the door is off its hinges.I start to panic and run down the steps,when I finally get to the bottom I see Damion holding Allison and a little boy hostage.A loud growl erupts from my lips "Let them go" The little boy with baby blue eyes and light auburn hair had tears streaming down his face while Allison kept trying to get free,the other girls and women are against the wall not daring to move.He looks up at me "No" He blurts out."What do you want?" I ask through gritted teeth.He smirks at me "Join me or I teleport as fast as I can out of here and dump them off a cliff" he says before continuing "And little by little I'll take more of the children" I look at him with horror and disgust "Fine I will " I said after a little time of thinking,I couldn't let the children suffer,that goes for their families too.He gives me a evil creepy smile before grabbing me and forcing a rag over my nose.I tried to resist closing my eyes but I finally close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

I wake up with a huge headache,what happened? then memories of Allison and Damion's sick threats flood back to me.I look around me and I see that my hands are tied to the chair I'm sitting in,my legs are tied to the chairs legs.I look around the room I'm in and see metal or steel walls with a cemented floor.The door is also metal that's probably locked from the outside.I look around for a way to escape but there seems to be none,just a vent.I look at the vent curiously, maybe if I can get these ropes off I could go through the vent to see where they go,I struggle to get off the ropes,why didn't he use wolf bane cuffs? I use my fire element to try and cut off the ropes.A idea pops in my head,I teleport or at least try to the other side of the room but I end up a little from the chair.I burn off the ropes and burn the screws off the vent and climb in and closing it back so no one has a trace of where I'm going.I continue to crawl quietly so no one hears me.I see a light and then I heard a loud roaring voice "WHERE IS SHE?!" I heard Damion say.I crawl a little faster when I start to hear the vent door open.My eyes widen and I teleport hoping that my mind is clear enough to teleport where I want,but I end up still where I am.What's going on? I start to crawl even faster and I get to a another vent door I open it as quietly as I can and slip down and close the vent back up,hopefully this will confuse him.I look around and see a door,I quickly peek it open and see a large hall.I hear a gruff voice in the vents "Is she in there?" I hear a guy within the vent ask.I run out the door and down the long hall.I try to teleport again and appear out the gates of his safe house.It may not be home but its all I need to take off running.


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