Serene: III

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"Take 5."

The girl shouted from the stage. The prickling heat of the gymnasium was enough to make the girl's head boil, but aside from that, she's was also designated (appropriately, forced) to oversee prom practices as advised by the student council president.

"How's the practice going?"

Speak of the Devil.

"Don't give me that side eye Joy." The prim officer lightly scolded, "I can practically hear your thoughts from here."

"I have no qualms of making it verbal." Joy huffed, as the president reached her side.

"You don't have to." She laughed at the distressed face the woman is giving her. "So how were the practices going?" She asked again, directly addressing the topic.

Joy has been monitoring practices, the responsibility of being the head of the event shifted entirely to her after the disaster in the student council room. She actually didn't have much choice, aside from being the assistant of the infamous vice president, Jin, she also felt guilty for attacking the president in a moment of utter distress. Joohyun never accepted another apology after the initial one, she would eye the woman with a menacing glare if she even uttered a single syllable with a semblance of "Sorry."

"So far the seniors were cooperative." Joy commented, "I thought they would give me hell. Yoongi-oppa must've had a hand about that."

"True." Joohyun replied shortly, "That's good to hear. There's something good coming out of this event." She spat bitterly, the taller female had to look at the girl to confirm the sharp tone she heard.

"He didn't ask you YET?" Joy carefully asked, trying not to trigger any unwanted thoughts, but the prospect of that happening seemed to be a blur, she's always walking on pins and needles when talking about that Oppa.

"Hmm. That's not your problem now is it?" Joohyun elbowed her lightly, "Worry about that performance I'm telling you about."

"Are you fuc- freaking serious?" Joy whisper shouted.

Joohyun was smug, "Watch the mouth. Yup. You have a week to practice one slow song."

"I am not singing again." She desperately clung to the president's arm, trying to bargain one last time.

"Oho. You are woman. Plus you're not singing alone." She said pointedly at Joy.

"No. No. NO. Oh my god, you're the devil spawn."

"Trust me. You'll thank me later." She said as she unhooked the girl's hand on her arm and started to walk away.

"President!" Joy shouted at the retreating figure.

"Adios!" The woman waved a hand.

Joy was desperate for the woman to turn around, she knew she's basically under her orders and as a last sign of passive-aggression to annoy the other she blurted, "President, I'm taking Yoongi-oppa to prom!"

The retreating figure stopped before barely looking over her shoulder, "You're not, unless you have a death wish." She waved one last time at the crestfallen face of Joy.

That was a long shot. Oh well. What did I expect.

She shifted on her foot and got the papers she placed on her clipboard as she looked over the lyrics she printed. A deep sigh escaped her lips, she began to trod towards the council room.

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