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"pain shapes a woman into a warrior"

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"pain shapes a woman
into a warrior"


After William's little gift giving the bell rang, signaling that the day is still going with torturous classes.

I walk through the halls during fifth period, deciding that history can wait till tomorrow. I stuff my hand in the depth of my hoodie, my matching cap successfully covering my eyes from random onlookers who is curious of the random girl wondering the hall.

After torturous chunks of time passed, the bell finally rung signaling the end of class. Deciding just to skip the rest of school I walk to the double doors, passing the security guard in the process.

I tip my hat forward and he does the same, I smirk in the process.

Ever since I caught him and the principle having a full make out session I've been having a smooth senior year because practically everyone knows that her and Mr.Dean, her husband is the it couple of our small town.

I stroll down the stairs and into the parking lot, passing by fancy cars and motorcycles. I roll my eyes at that, who fucking brings a motorcycle to school.

My mind immediately goes to one of my old friends from my childhood, I wonder what's he up to now, probably causing shit at school. I should ring him up sometimes.

I pass by the endless row of expensive cars and finally rest my eyes on the busty truck of mine. It's not perfect but it's mine.

I get in and immediately lay down, deciding to take a nap until school officially ends. I have to ask William a very important question that's been on my mind since our little gift giving at lunch.

I close my eyes and my world goes dark.


I fidget with my flannel sleeves, waiting for class to end. Trying to pay attention to Mr.Weis's biology lecture.

Who am I kidding?

How can I focas when the most beautiful girl in this whole school hugged me.

Everyone in this whole school probably already knows that I've had the hugest crush on the girl since I got here, which honestly wasn't that long ago.

We arrived at the new house, bigger than the previous one as usual. I sighed and trudged into the spacious building.

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