Close Your Eyes {49}

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I feel like no one's reading this book anymore.


Izeiah's Pov

Narinig ko ang pagbasag ng mga vases sa kwarto ni Ivan. Kadadating ko lang dito at mukhang naunahan na ako ni Ivan na umuwi. At talagang galit na galit siya.

I never imagine I would see the day Ivan lost his cool. Though this is not a good time to celebrate. I think I just hit a nerve awhile ago. Was I too harsh?

I was about to ignore it when I heard a gun sound. This si getting out of hand. Wala na akong nagawa kundi pumunta sa kwarto niya.


"Get out." Maikling sabi niya at itinuro ako or I think the door.

"I'm sorry." Muntik na akong mawalan ng balanse buti nalang at nakasandal ako sa pintuan.

"I don't need your sorry." I sighed and close the door.

I'm quite sure I'll be bothered by the crashing noises so I decided to go outside instead of resting in my room. I also need to treat my arm which I don't know how. I guess I'll just have to hope the numbness won't go away before Butler Chan gets here which I think is impossible since I broke my phone.

Merong bench sa likod ng bahay na ito at tanaw na tanaw ito ang buong lugar. Yung night market na may colorful lights at yung isang village na malayo layo dito.

Well, it's a beautiful view I can say that.

I have to complete my mission within 3 months. If ever I didn't, I have to accept defeat and let someone take it as their job to finish and not mine anymore because that was what I've ask the headmaster. Nagulat pa nga siya eh at tinanong kung bakit ako 3 months early magli-leave.

I'm definitely sure Regene's sibling is among the Untameds all the more reason to play with them a little bit more. And Lothi, if he doesn't leave before those 3 precious months are over, he'll be dead. I just have to make sure he leaves before I have to kill him because the school is not the best place to kill him.

After this week, I have 2 weeks free time unless we have classes. Then the last week, there's a full moon day and I will use that day to get rid one of them and to also use that time to meet with the guy that needs the file from the elder.




It's raining and I can't go inside because Ivan is really mad. Can't risk it. It's really cold too. I want to cry. 😭
I really don't like rain. Why does it have to rain? I sneeze

And again

And again

I can't take this anymore. I just have to endure it if I want to stay off the hospital bed.

But still, my heart feels heavy for some reason. Ivan could've answered no when I ask him but he stormed off instead. That makes me sad. I wonder why?

I shook the thought aside and stood up. Muntik na akong mahulog buti nalang at nahawakan ko ang bench para suportahan ang sarili ko. Okay. Breathe in breathe out. You're going to make it inside the house. Don't fall asleep. Hot rain started to drizzle down my face. Wow never knew heaven have a heater. Because the rain is really cold.

Slowly I walked to the door. I held the handle and tried to regain my strength, if there's still left. The door opened and Ivan appeared infront of me. I blinked.

"Ivan?" Hindi ko na atang kayang magsalita. The bullet feels like it's deeper than it ever was. At pati yung nai-stab sumasakit na rin. I was about to pass him when he stopped me and turn me around to face him.

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