Chapter II

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Ty didn't think he could be and ever would be this drunk again in his life.
No matter how much he drank.
No matter what he drank.
It just was not possible.

In fact, he did not intend to drink ever again.
Well. At least not for a long time anyway.

In his current state, it probably was not the best of ideas for him to still be sitting at the bar- but Cristina, Mark and Dru were dancing and he couldn't join them.
'Why?' you may ask. The answer is simple. Tiberius Blackthorn could not currently walk. Or stand. Or, for that matter he couldn't really move much at all.
Luckily, he knew his drink had not been spiked.
He had just had a bit too much.

Despite his inability to move, Ty was still on pretty high alert. Typical Nephilim. He was pretty content with being able to see his brother and sister, as well as Cristina.
It was the lack of Kit that was worrying him.
He knew there was no point in worrying, Kit had probably found a hot werewolf or something by now and went home with her. Or him.
Ty tried to ignore that weird almost stabbing pain in his heart at that thought. Maybe he should ask Julian about it.
Then again, maybe not.
Ty slipped his headphones on, and began twisting the chord around his finger. He made it his mission now to sober up. He wanted- no he needed to find Kit.
A light tap on the table made him turn back to the bar. Two shots of a shimmering purple liquid that smelled like lavender and tasted like heaven itself had been placed in front of him. The bartender winked. Ty blushed.
"I think the colour brings out your eyes," the bartender explained, "these are on the house."
Ty eyed them.
So much for sobering up.


Kit grumbled to himself. Why did this building have so many fucking stairs? He remembered Ty being on the top floor at some point, so that was where he intended to begin.
Fuck. Kit regretted not applying a stamina rune. He had finally reached his destination and was exhausted. He searched the room from the door. He sighed in relief as he saw Mark, Dru and Cristina. He looked to the bar, and saw a dark haired boy in all black, swaying from side to side.
Ty. Jesus Christ.

The Blackthorn boy was clearly humming to the music from his headphones, oblivious to the world around him. Even more clearly, he was very, very drunk. Kit could practically smell it from the door.
He slowly began to weave his way through the crowds of people on the dance floor, apologising as he went, and towards Ty.


Honestly? Ty was having the time of his life. This could quite possibly be the happiest he had been since his twin, Livvy, died two years previous.
Oh. He tried to suppress that memory as best as possible; recognising that in a state like this, thinking of Livvy would not end well.
He decided to order another shot. The moment as the bartender had turned away, Ty felt a soft tap on his shoulder. Instinctively, he reached for the knife concealed in his boots before turning round.
Kit. Ty was relieved. He pulled his headphones down around his neck.
Kit was speaking but Ty wasn't listening. He couldn't. The words were distorted, as if he was underwater. Ty was staring at Kit. Has he always been this beautiful? He took in the other boy's features. His pale blue eyes, curly light blond hair-
Ty touched Kit's face and giggled. He could have sworn that Kit's eyes went wide at his touch, making him giggle more. He could smell the drink off of him. It was reassuring that he was drunk too. Ty realised he could hear again.
"Ty? Tiberius? Did you hear any of that?"
Ty giggled again, before slurring out a no.
"I asked how much you've drank."
"I don't knowwwww," Ty whined.
Kit sighed, before telling him to wait right there- he'll be back soon.


Kit made his way over to the others- who were, by some miracle, nowhere near as drunk as him. Possibly even half as drunk as Ty was. Kit believed he had actually sobered up since he found Ty. Thank the Angels.
"Druuuuu, do you think we should leave yet?"
Dru's eyes widened.
"Who are you, and where did you put the real Kit?"
Kit rolled his eyes.
"Look at Ty."
Dru looked over to where her older brother sat, grinning at the ceiling. She looked both horrified and amazed.
Kit continued.
"I need to take him back to the Institute, but i doubt i'm able to alone."
Dru looked from Ty, to Kit and back. Then to Mark and Cristina, who nodded. The four of them looked at Ty, who giggled and waved at them- winking in Kit's direction.

It was time to go.

However, there was one slight issue. How the fuck can they get Ty down those stairs?


After several minutes of bickering between the four of them on what to do , Cristina had given up and asked the bartender if there were any easier ways to get Ty downstairs. The man laughed, before directing her to the the corridor the bathrooms are on, and pointing out the door at the end- the staff elevator. She thanked the man, noticing that he was clearly part seelie, before returning to the others. Mark suggested that he would help Kit with supporting Ty- Kit hurriedly took up the offer.


Kit returned, with mark following close behind- much to Ty's annoyance. Dru and Cristina were a bit behind Mark, with Cristina scolding the younger girl for having her phone at the ready to record.
"Ty, can you stand?"
"I don't need to."
Kit sighed at him.
"We're leaving, Ty."
"I'll see you later then," Ty smiled warmly, which was met with a glare from Kit.
"You're coming with us."
"Nope, I'm good here."
Kit sighed again, before turning to mark.
"You take his left side, I'll take his right."

Ty had decided upon resisting this plan, up until some part of his brain realised that it would mean Kit touching him.
Odd, he thought.
He really had no idea why that would make him change his mind.
He didn't understand. What was this he was feeling? Why was he feeling it? And why towards Kit, of all people?
Kit. His best friend. The person that now understood him most. Who stayed outside his bedroom door for two weeks after Livvy died, bringing him meals- waiting for Ty to let him in and let him help him.
The boy he wanted to be Parabatai with.
Did he really want that, though? He thought he did. He wasn't so sure now.
When he brought up this to Kit, Kit choked on the butterscotch cookie he had been eating on Ty's bedroom floor. Ty didn't know why. He thought they were close enough for this by now. Apparently he thought wrong. After recovering from his choking fit, Kit stammered out something along the lines of not being trained enough and not wanting to take what should have been Livvy's place, and insisting that it wasn't anything to do with it being him that had asked- before looking at his phone and insisting he had forgotten something he needed to do and running out.

Ty frowned slightly, as he let himself be supported by his brother and his best friend.
He really needed to speak to Julian when he got back.

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