Full Moon

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"Moon, stay inside." My dad told me softly. I sighed as I closed the door to my room.
He meant well, but I was too familiar with what would happen.
I locked my door with gloved hands and laid the mistletoe toe along the edges of my window. Then I sat in the corner furthest from both exits.
I tugged on the leather gloves over my hands before pulling on my beanie.
My dad was relatively harmless on the full moon, but he wasn't the worry.
I pulled on my leather jacket and pulled it around me before clutching my head and covering my ears.
I hated this.
The shattering of glass in the front room made me tense and I squeezed my hands over my ears trying to block out the sound. But my senses had sharpened through the moon's light. I couldn't ignore it.
The growling and barks of pain. The smashing of wood and shattering of dishes.
I'd had enough.
My legs straightened as I got to my feet and unlocked my door.
I stepped out of my room and closed the door.
Two wolves stood outside my kitchen door just watching as the third threw the dusty grey wolf into the fridge.
"Stop it!" I barked making the three attackers look over at me.
'Moon, go back'
My father's link was weak and shaky, so I ignored it.
"You've beat him enough! Just leave him alone!" I shouted at them.
I was scared, terrified, that was the only thing that had kept me in my room. I knew very well they would do to me what they did to my father if I stepped out of my room.
I'd sit in my room and cry silently while my dad was hurt. But not any more, I couldn't take it anymore, it wasn't fair!
The two wolves growled heading towards me and I took a few steps back.
I didn't have as fast of regeneration as the crippled wolf near the fridge, who's wounds were already disappearing. And I didn't have the thick skin of a wolf to my advantage either. I was human, and my heightened senses would only make the pain worse.
My lips were trembling but I bit them to keep them still.
"No, Leave her alone!" The wolf told them when the third jumped on him, pinning him to the ground.
"Stay out of this!" They hissed at him before their sharp golden eyes stared right into mine. My breath hitched, only Alphas had golden eyes.
"Pin him." He ordered one of the two who had advanced on me and they turned away from me.
"No! Let him go!" I yelled making the wolf turn back to me with a growl. I gulped until he ordered them back. The pitch black wolf walked towards me before shifting.
My eyes widened at the boy in front of me. He wasn't much older than me, but much taller than me. His golden eyes had settled to a more natural brown color and his dark hair rustled as his foot steps brought him closer to me.
He stared me down as he approached and I suddenly found myself backed against a wall my heart hammering in my chest. The last wolf just stood were he was, standing in between me and my father.
The Alpha looked me up and down as he stood directly in front of me not even moving his head as he examined my shaky frame.
I took a deep breath not able to tear my eyes away from his.
"J-Just Leave him alone....please." I asked in a small, yet determined voice.
He snorted as if amused.
"Why don't you make me little wolf?" He asked leaning closer to me making me flinch.
"Leave her alone Jacob! This is between you and me." My father huffed while trying to crawl toward us but the wolf on his back plunged his claws into his shoulder making him yelp.
"Don't ever say his name!" They snapped at the dusty colored animal beneath him and my gaze snapped towards them before back to the Alpha's.
Rage bubbled in my chest and I bit my lip knowing fully well what I was doing was dangerous. But my human instincts out filled my wolf instincts.
And I slapped the Alpha.

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