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It was official. I was considered an overnight sensation. My cover of 'Rap God' dropped, Percy did a live stream of it with me there, hiding shyly in his sweatshirt, and bam. The next morning, I already had almost 1,000 subscribers. I woke up in my bedroom at me and Piper's shared apartment, to my best friend literally leaping on top of me with a balloon and a chocolate cupcake. 

"Owie..." I groaned weakly. "What the hell, Pipes?"

"Almost 1,000 subs overnight! That's what!" Piper screamed. I rolled my eyes and squeezed to the other side of the bed.

"I'll believe it when I see it."

"Then look at it!" She shoved her phone in my face, showing me my profile. My eyes dragged tiredly over the screen, before landing on the subscribe button. Slowly, I sat up in disbelief.

"What? How... How is this possible?" I couldn't believe it.

"THEY LOVE YOU!" Piper squealed. I was still in disbelief. 

"This is real?"

"This is real!"

"Can - Can you get me my phone?"

"Here!" She handed it to me. I dazedly called Percy.

"Hello?" His voice, thick with sleep, so deep that it was sexy, sounded like he was just waking up. "Wise Girl? What's up, baby?"

"Go look at my channel..." I mumbled.

"What?" I heard him moving, heard him typing. "I'm on your channel. What is it?"

"Do you see how many subs I've got? 'Rap God' dropped last night, Percy."

"Holy shit!" He didn't sound asleep anymore. "Annabeth, this is amazing!"

"So Piper's not screwing with me?"

"She's not screwing with you, Annabeth. Holy... I'm coming to pick you up. Like, now."

"You just woke up."

"So!? This deserves a celebration. See ya in twenty minutes!" I pulled my phone away from my ear as Percy hung up, dazed still.

"He's uh... Coming to pick me up."

"I figured. Here. Put this on." She held up a bag

"What is it?"

"Just do it." She smiled at me, and I opened the bag to see a black dress, and a very revealing two piece, lace, blue lingerie set.

"No. Just no. I'll wear the dress, but not that."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not going to seduce him!" I whined, putting the bag down.

"Come on, Annabeth. I know you two haven't had sex yet, and you've told me yourself that you want to have sex with him!" 

"But if I try, I'm going to fail."

"You're not. You don't know that."

"I do!"

"You've never tried. Plus, it's his favorite color. Even if you aren't an amazing 'seductress', as your stepmother would put it, the color and how sexy you look aught to distract him."

"How do we know I'm gonna look sexy, Piper?"

"Put it on. Try it at least." I groaned and got up, going into my bathroom. I hesitated before pulling the lingerie pieces on. I was a little surprised. I actually looked and felt sexy... I had never expected to feel sexy in a piece of lingerie. Especially something my hopeless romantic, yet sex driven best friend picked out. I sighed, pulling the black dress on over it. It was a little awkward, so I was glad the dress was so loose on my body. I sighed, stepping out of the bathroom as a knock sounded from the front door of the apartment. Piper handed me black sandals and smiled. "Go get your man, Annie."

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