Chapter 5

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My Dear sweet children, we're burning in hell after this chapter. 

Tom felt as if he was at home. Robert had cooked an amazing meal; lasagna, salad, and bread sticks. They cooked at Chris', even after the numerous conversations of trying to talk him out of it. There was only one problem.

Tom and Chris were completely alone.

Younger Tom had complained about a 'stomach ache' and Robert took him home so he could get some rest. Although, Tom was pretty sure Chris put him up to it. As soon as they left, Chris got as close to Tom as possible, and had an arm wrapped around his shoulders.

Not like Tom was complaining, no he enjoyed their alone time together. But he didn't like the fact Chris had made younger Tom make up some excuse.

Tom shuddered as he felt Chris' breath on his neck, dinner wasn't even about the food anymore. It seemed like Tom was Chris' dinner.

"Th-this is wrong," Tom whispered, tilting his head to let Chris have more access to his neck. Chris took the opportunity and attached his lips to his jawline, sucking a hickey. Tom jumped at the sudden action, not really expecting it.

Chris smiled and made his way to his lips, kissing him slowly and passionately. Tom sighed against Chris' soft lips, leaning more into his touch. The kiss soon turned hungry and lustful. Tom pulled out of the kiss to breathe, panting a little. Chris smiled at him and stood up, keeping his hand on Tom's thigh.

"Let's take this to the bedroom," he said quietly. Tom nodded and stood up, Chris leading him into the room.

As soon as they entered the room, Chris pushed Tom onto the bed. He roughly kissed him as he fiddled with the buckle on his pants. Tom quickly pulled away, discarding his own clothes before helping Chris with his.

"O-oh shit," Tom whispered, eyes widening and mouth watering as his face was only inches from Chris' díck. Chris smirked and grabbed Tom's hair, pulling it back so he could look at him.

"What was that?" Chris asked qently. Tom blushed and tried to look down, but the hand on his hair made that difficult. Chris moved closer to his mouth and placed a sweet kiss beside his lips. "Oh baby boy, the things I'd do to you." Tom bit his lip and looked up at Chris innocently.

"Then do it," he whispered. Chris growled and reached down to kiss Tom.

Their moment was ruined when Tom's phone started ringing in his pants that we're dicarded and thrown across the room. Chris sighed and looked at the pants, Tom jumping up and running towards them. He quickly pulled out the iPhone 6s and looked at the screen, the name "Big Sissy 😍" showing across it. He immediately felt foolish of the nickname as Chris walked to him, sighing.

"Thomas, you haven't called me in days!" Tom heard his older, adoptive sister, Alyssa yell on the other line. Tom blushed and looked over at Chris, who had a huge smile across his face.

He was planning something.

"I've been busy," he said quickly, going to the bed and sitting down. Chris followed, although he didn't sit down. No, the younger male kneeled down in front of Tom and spread his legs, putting his face near the other's crotch.

"Well I have too! It's not easy being an amazing human!" She joked, laughing a little. Tom chuckled as he looked down at Chris and frantically shook his head. Chris nodded and placed soft kisses on the man's small, pale thighs.

"I know Sissy," Tom chuckles, trying to stay calm.

"I heard you moved into an apartment," Alyssa said.

Tom hadn't told his mom and dad about not having a job, but he told his sisters.

"I did," Tom replied, a shudder in his voice. His put his fingers through Chris' hair and sighed deeply. Chris smiled and started kissed the boy's member. Tom jumped up in reaction and gasped loudly.

"Tommy, are you okay?!" Alyssa asked quickly, obvious worry in her voice.

"Mhm, I just stubbed my toe on something," he said with a small whimper. He look down at Chris and mouthed 'no' and shook his head, but he had other plans in mind.

"You clumsy little stick," Alyssa said with a small chuckle, "I have to go Tommy, Maggs is home," she said rather quickly. A door could be heard opening in the background, along with muffled talking.

"O-okay, I love you Sissy bye," Tom said quickly, hanging up before she could say anything. Chris looked up at Tom and smiled, slowly sitting up straight, his hand still on Tom's member.

"I don't like being told no," he said as he slowly started stroking his díck.

"I-I was on the phone," he whimpered, biting his lip to hold in a moan.

"Hmm, but I wasn't," Chris slowly pushed Tom down flat on the bed, lifting his thighs on to his shoulders. Tom watched him and combed his fingers through his long, blonde hair.

"P-please no more teasing." Chris smiled and began to lick around Tom's entrance, before pushing his tongue in completely. Tom moaned loudly, pulling on his hair a little. No one had ever done that to him before, but it felt amazing. Chris continued to thrust his tongue in and out of Tom's hole, making sure to tease him a little by playing with his balls.

Tom gasped as he felt himself going over the edge, quickly putting his hand on his lonely member and stroking it. He felt the tingly, warm feeling in his lower stomach before warm, white streaks of cúm made a mess on his stomach and a little in Chris' hair.

Chris just smiled at looked up at Tom, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Did you enjoy that?" Tom nodded, trying to get his breathing back to normal. "Mmm, I'm glad you did," he whispered, standing up and giving him a small kiss on the lips. "Now what do I get in return?"


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