Chapter Twenty-Three - "HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED IS DEAD!"

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“Evie don’t do that!” Lily shouted as she walked into the sitting room to see the three years old poking Harry. Evie stopped poking him and turned to face Lily. Her eyes grew wide and her bottom lip trembled. Lily groaned as she waited for the tantrum to start.

                When James emerged from the basement he was met with a high pitched squeal that caused his heart to freeze. He whipped his wand from his back pocket and ran into the sitting room where Lily stood with her arms crossed firmly. Harry was peeking through the bars of his play pen, laughing manically while Evie screamed long and hard, not even pausing for breath.

                “What’s going on?” James shouted above the noise only for it to stop when the silver haired girl noticed him and came running for a hug.

                James bent low and scooped her up, pulling her close to his chest as she nuzzled his shoulder, her tears forgotten about.

                “Did you hit her?” He asked puzzled as to why there was such a loud noise.

                “She poked Harry and a scolded her,” Lily snapped as she picked Harry up.

                “Tough day?” James’ tone softened significantly, Tasmin and Sirius were out on Order business and had asked Lily to mind Evie. Evie had a temperature and was not her usual bubbly, slightly evil self; she was just evil.

                “No I’m just sick of being cooped up in the house,” Lily moaned as she sat down on the couch, Harry squirming to get out of her arms so he could run around; a new hobby of his.

                “You should try levitating Harry,” James suggested with a shrug, “It passes the time and he loves it. It’s a win, win situation.”

                “You levitate our son?”

                “Only when I’m bored.”

                James was saved from being reprimanded by Lily when there was a knock on the door. He walked slowly, trying to move the now sleeping child in his arms. When he opened the door it was to reveal Remus.

                “Moony!” James grinned in delight; he hadn’t seen his friend since Christmas. It was now Halloween.

                “Hello James; Tasmin asked me to bring Evie Trick or Treating,” He explained.

                “Oh right.” James’ grin lessoned, he had missed his friend and had hoped he would stay and give James some of the human companionship he had been missing. Lily and Harry were fine; he had actually become rather fond of them, but he missed seeing his friends.

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